Weekly Round-Up 6: Spending Money I Don’t Have

This week has been one of those weeks where I buy stuff to compensate for being unhappy. Yeah…it has been one of those weeks.

Since last Friday I have been out for dinner three times, been to the pub, bought three gig tickets, a Spotify subscription and new headphones. Yep. I am a broke student who isn’t going to have any budget left by the end of term. Not going to lie the headphones were a bargain and are fantastic. Urbanears PLATTAN ADV Wireless are fantastic and would totally recommend! (I managed to grab a pair worth £100 for £27 at HMV).

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked…as usual. This week has been hard again but in a different way to last week – I can’t really explain.

This week I had some training for my new job which I need to keep up this expensive lifestyle XD. But one thing I have discovered since I have been in Birmingham is there are more music venues than I previously thought. In fact, I have lost count of how many there are. Which frankly begs the question as to why so many artists I love don’t come in the vicinity.

I am looking forward to all the gigs I have booked and reviewing them all for this blog. Because, after all, this is a music blog; it isn’t all about me! These gigs are:

13/10/18 – Oxjam Brum, Digbeth, Birmingham (Read my preview here.)

21/10/18 – Bloody Knees/Honey Lung/Free Galaxy, The Flapper, Birmingham

23/10/18 – The Blinders w/ Calva Louise + More, The Castle & Falcon, Birmingham

10/11/18 – The Tin Pigeons/Grafton Ash/Sean Duggan, Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

02/02/19 – Kaiser Chiefs + Special Guests, O2 Academy, Birmingham

26/03/19 – Panic! At The Disco + Special Guests, The Arena, Birmingham

Logo-2The Oxjam festival is tomorrow! And I am super excited to have a press pass for the event and I aim to explore as many acts as possible throughout the day. I must admit, it is a little daunting spending the whole day and evening alone at the event but I hope to be absorbed in the music. That’s the aim anyway.

That’s about it for this week! Only a short one I know but I did post a couple of day ago -about World Mental Health Day which you can read about here and the next time I will post will be about the event tomorrow which is for a very good cause. It is never too late to grab a ticket.

Picks of the week:

Song – French Disko by Stereolab Listen.

Album – All My Friends, We’re Glorious: Death of a Bachelor LIVE by Panic! At The Disco Listen.

Gig – Bloody Knees/Honey Lung/Free Galaxy (The Flapper, Birmingham 21/10) Tickets.

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