Let’s Talk Music – June 2019 Edition

June is almost at an end, it is crazy that we are almost halfway through the year and it has been a great one for music! This month especially has been filled with awesome new releases which I am super excited to share with you.

Please – like always – check out every single artist in this post. They’re all brilliant, I love them, if I didn’t I would not be writing about them.

“Concrete Jungle” (Single) by Candid

It feels like an age since I last saw this indie rock outfit grace the stage and release new material so when they announced their new single I was absolutely thrilled and it was an honour to have been sent it in advance.

Immediately, I fell in love with the track on the first listen and I don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t. In a typical Candid like fashion it is an incredibly catchy tune with blistering riffs and enticing drum grooves.

The smooth vocals from frontman Rob Latimer supported by the instantly appealing backing is simply brilliant and scattered with indie hooks that get you dancing. I have not got a single criticism – it is their best track yet.

They play The Sunflower Lounge tomorrow night for their single launch and I advise you to snap up any remaining tickets quickly. Let’s make it a sell out!

I truly believe they deserve all the success but make a judgement for yourself and listen to “Concrete Jungle” here.

candid pic


“Grow” (Single) by The Ellipsis

Alt-rock quartet The Ellipsis have been due a new single for a while but it is finally here and it is another banging tune. The energetic band from Coventry have blown me a way on a couple of occasions so I was looking forward to this track and it has not disappointed.

Opening with a couple of bars of catchy, low-key guitar it then builds – with the help of the drums – into a head banger with strong lyrics and clean backing vocals. After one listen I was immediately hooked which is what you want; it is an anthem.

It smashed one thousand streams in less than two days which is incredible and I am sure was a wonderful feeling for the band. However, they did have some bad luck when their single launch had to be cancelled due to the sudden closure of the venue which epitomises why it is so important that we show support to local venues to keep the music scene alive.

That’s an ongoing battle but that doesn’t stop you from checking out this brilliant single here.



“Running” (Single) by Future Fires

Indie-rock band Future Fires are definitely becoming a bit of a buzz band in the local scene. With successful gigs and now a string of releases (including a new single next month) it is fair to say that they like to keep their followers happy.

“Running” is an extremely multi-layered track which mixes their love for 80s sound but with a more modern twist.

It is definitely a love song which adds to it being their most radio friendly track yet which is always a positive, especially if you want air time. Their guitar riffs are a work of brilliance and the vocals are raw – filled with passion.

After reading up on the band I can see how passionate they are about what they do which is the most important thing. If they continue to harvest that passion the rest will follow.

Next month they’re releasing a brilliant tune made for Summer but until then listen to “Running” here.



“Planetary Spin to the Stomach” (Single) by Exhailers

Birmingham rock trio Exhailers have launched their debut single, “Planetary Spin to the Stomach”. The track is chaotic but in a good way with grungy riffs and dream-like vocals being linked together with enticing melodies and cosmic sounds.

What drew me to this band originally was their authentic sound and I am pleased to say they’ve hung onto that. But what is that sound?

It is definitely classifiable as indie rock but throw a lot of psychedelia in there. They’ve described their sound as being spacey which could explain the name of the single and the name of their forthcoming EP, “Abyssal Orbit”. Their seven-track long debut EP is out on July 13th with a launch show at The Flapper.

They’re different and I like that. After hearing demos and seeing them perform last year it is great to finally hear a new beginning for them. Have a listen to the out of this world single here and get yourself down to their single launch, buy tickets.



“Little Things” (Single) by Marsicans

Leeds indie quartet Marsicans are back with another masterpiece of a single. It follows their sound with the track being packed full with riffs and harmonising vocals which – having seen them live twice now – I can tell you goes down well with the crowds.

It is a track that has been made for the stage with funky percussion and a perfect choral hook of “it’s these little things” which audiences sing regardless if they know the band or not. It is bold, different and definitely one to sing in the sun.

They are a band which are rising all of the time. Back in May, they packed out the O2 Academy Leeds and beginning of this month played to thousands at Elland Road whilst supporting the Kaiser Chiefs. It won’t be long until playing the big stages will be the norm for this band I am sure of it.

“Little Things” is one hundred percent one for your summer playlist. Have a listen here.



“That’s Just Life” (Single) by Ego States

West-Yorkshire band Ego States have been on my radar since the end of last year after wowing me with their single “We’ll Be Dancing”. With nearly sixty thousand streams now it turns out I’m not the only person they blew away.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when they released new tune “That’s Just Life” last Friday and it is another britpop dream.

The band have a sort of vintage rock sound with a dash of punk vibes – either way it is very British. The guitar tones are probably the most prominent layer throughout – very intelligent melodies – and it does make me feel like I’ve gone back in time.

They’ve captured something that is missing from today’s music and I don’t think hanging onto the past is a bad thing. It is beautiful that people still want to be so engaged with it. Have a listen here.



“Good Times” (Single) by Operation Guillotine

This is the final single for Coventry band Operation Guillotine. The female-fronted rock band are about to go through a big change with a new name, line-up and sound but they wanted to round things off on a high.

The single, “Good Times”, is a song to say thank you for the good times. In typical OG fashion it is punchy, in your face with heavy guitar and smashing drums. However, a nice touch is when the tone drops to a softer one in the bridge and the listener’s ears are filled with some melodic keys. Really adds something different. I love the vocals from Alice Clarke, they’re definitely Paramore-esque and she is a real talent.

During the run-up to the release they’ve been posting photos from various shows, reliving the memories and opening line to the chorus, “We’re here for a good time, not a long time…” backs up their news that it is all change for them although right now it is yet to be announced what their new name or sound will be. An interesting mystery.

I am looking forward to seeing what the future of this band – well more like the new band – brings. Have a listen to “Good Times” here.



And that is that for June! Thanks again for reading and being so supportive.

I realised the other day that this year (so far) this blog has had more views than the past two years combined which is crazy.

Stat watching isn’t something I do because that isn’t the point of all this but it is nice to see this blog doing so well because not only does it boost my confidence but it means that so many different artists are getting promoted like they should.

So thanks again and I will see you in July.

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