Let’s Talk Music – September 2019 Edition

Hello and welcome back to another edition of “Let’s Talk Music”!

Some good tunes in here so please be sure to check out each of the artists and there is also a Spotify playlist at the end of the post which includes all of this month’s new tunes.


“Message to You” (Single) by Highlite

With their first official release of a new signal in a long time, Midlands pop-rock band Highlite spread a very clear message in “Message to You”.

Kicking off with bashing drums and a distinctive bass beat the track is immediately pulling you in. The song has a positive, uplifting message about things going to get better which I am sure the audience will connect with – if not – want to connect with. 

The vocals by singer Scott Nash are clean and full of emotion. He is a talented vocalist for sure and easily backed up by catchy riffs. It is a great track which you should definitely check out for yourself.


“The Letter A” (Single) by Brand New Friend

Northern Irish band Brand New Friend have released another absolutely banging tune called “The Letter A”. It is their first release since January and has not disappointed.

A classic rock n roll tune filled to the brim with guitar riffs and 60s vibes making me excited about what else is potentially yet to come. The bass line is clear especially during the second verse making the single quite catchy along with the repeatedly stricken drums and raw vocals from Taylor Johnson it really is quite something. 

One thing I have said that I’ve always loved about this band is the use of a male and female vocalist. Lauren Taylor’s vocals are less prominent in this track but a light sprinkling of harmonies in the chorus give it another edge. Brilliant song.


“We Don’t Care” (Single) by NOVACUB

One of my absolute favourite bands right now is the brilliant NOVACUB. If you are a regular reader of this blog (I know you guys are out there haha) then you will probably know of my fondness. In fact I am seeing them for the third time this year on Saturday!

Anyway, they released my favourite live song “We Don’t Care” which is another banger. It is definitely their angriest/heaviest track and I think the message is one we should all live by sometimes. I certainly take great joy in screaming out the lyrics at their gigs.

The track expresses their musical talent with awesome harmonic vocals. Oh and they’ve used a megaphone! Very original and I have so much love for them.

Whilst writing this post, they’ve released their debut EP “Future Echoes” which is definitely worth a listen and this single is on it! Give it a spin.


“Colours” (Single) by Parade

Describing themselves as romantics, Coventry post-punk band Parade have released their first official single “Colours”. What a way to kick off.

The track is filled with synths which is always a tricky task because it is easy to add too much and make them sound awful. They’ve used them majestically. I rarely hear synths used so well. Along with the steady drums, soft guitar and raw vocals. Wow. Nothing I say will give it the true justice it deserves.

Listening to this single I feel like it has filled a musical gap in my life. I need to see this talent in the flesh soon.

(c) Freya Baker Photography


“Second Hand Emotion” (Single) by Saytr Play

Manchester quintet Saytr Play released their latest single and it is the first track of theirs I have ever listened to. Recommended by a friend whilst I was writing my last post I immediately adored the song on the first listen.

The indie track “Second Hand Emotion” is incredibly deep with poetic lyrics singing about dark times accompanied by a poignant melody. It isn’t a song which leaves your mind in a hurry especially if you can form some kind of emotional attachment with it which I think too many people can. I certainly have.

It is a song which gets under your skin but in a good way (if that is possible). With rhythmic drums and guitar as the brilliant voice of Fred Farrell guides you through the masterful track. Brilliant tune. Well worth a listen. They’re a band that are now on my list to see live.


“Hate Myself” (Single) by Hannah Brown

Birmingham based singer-songwriter Hannah Brown has released her latest single called “Hate Myself”. Opening with some strong guitar and drums I’m already bopping my head and tapping my foot which is a great start.

The indie-pop song is about trying to overcome self-esteem issues and not needing anyone else to contribute to them. You can tell it is written from the heart by her understanding lyrics and the manner in which she performs them. 

I think she is a brilliant talent with a lot of promise. I have heard great things about her live shows also, something I will have to check out soon.


“Strangers” (Single) by Runaway Hounds

Indie-rock band Runaway Hounds have released their first single since November last year so it has been a long time coming. This track is called “Strangers” and like their other material has a wonderful sound.

Starting with a smooth beat and melodic riff before the rock vocals set in it – the perfect harmonies give it an extra edge – I very quickly enjoy what I am listening to. The bass line in the bridge is a bit funky (in a good way) and I’m seriously impressed about the individuality of the song.

The cover art is very eye catching also and visibly shows the message of the song. I am glad they’ve released another single finally as I believe they have a lot to offer.


So that’s it! Thank you as always for reading 🙂

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