Gig Review: This Feeling’s “Alive” Tour, Sunflower Lounge, 12/10/19

This review was written for Indie Midlands.
The Sunflower Lounge was filled to the brim on Saturday night when This Feeling brought their “Alive” tour to Birmingham. It was the final date of eight and all four bands on show had a buzz about them after what sounds like has been a successful tour.
The venue was already full by the time I got there and Hourglvss had just stepped onto the small stage. The female duo from Brighton blew me away with their fantastic vocals which complimented each other so beautifully. Backed up by some male vocals and a good band it really was a wonderful listen. Although I struggled to see as a very short human in a packed space I enjoy the sound which is the main thing when it comes to live shows. The glimpse I got I saw that they are a very glam group with the two girls moving in sync but it didn’t look over rehearsed. Very natural looking.
Some tracks were quite rock n roll whilst others had more blues-y tones. A sound I wouldn’t have necessarily gone seeking out for but after hearing the talent live I will sure be listening to them in the future. 
From pop to rock, The Estevans brought some serious energy to the stage and got the room moving. On the back of playing their successful hometown show in Guildford this quartet were ready to give it their all. A young bunch of lads with definite Noughties vibes, this indie band were practically bouncing off the walls as they played through tune after tune.
Their music is full of edgy riffs and some of their tracks have a definite punk feel – “2 Minutes from the Lincoln” made me want to jump around. Well paced and very cool.
Indie trio, The Kicklips continued the bouncing atmosphere with plenty of groovy rock tunes with a new wave edge. The three piece band from Sheffield jam along the fine line between the twentieth and twenty-first century creating a sound which is definitely individual and very exciting.
Their set was a sort of endurance test – with one song being as fast paced as the next – but what really draws me to them is that they’re fun. They’re not only enjoying what they’re doing but also loving including the crowd. 
Finally, but by no means least, Birmingham based band Sugarthief smashed it to the moon and back in front of their local crowd. They received a very warm welcome as they took to the stage all with grins on their faces. I just got this feeling straight away that they were going to wow me – and they did just that.
Banging guitar tunes with dreamy riffs all knitted together with sheer talent. Their choruses are full of indie hooks that the listeners can really get their teeth into. The audience sang along to closing track “Joy Affair” which was really great to hear. The band had an undisputed rapport with the gig-goers making it very much feel like their homecoming gig of the tour. 
I left the venue wanting more (in a good way). All four bands exceeded my expectations and were brilliant choices by This Feeling

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