Single Review: “Through All The Fighting” by Candid

It is always a great day when indie-rockers Candid let new material into the world and today is no different.

Their newest release, “Through All The Fighting” is another incredible tune but it is also their most emotional single yet. I really wasn’t expecting it but it has honestly blown me away. On the first listen I quickly knew that this is one of their greatest songwriting achievements to date and we have been blessed.

The track takes an honest but delicate look at mental health and poetic lines like, “I’ve got time if you wanna talk, free your mind and open up” are a good reminder that it is best to talk during tough times. In a difficult year that has made most people struggle, perhaps this track has come at the perfect time.

Produced at Liverpool’s famous Parr Street Studios by Rich Turvey, the band enlisted the help of the Up North Session Orchestra who stunningly aided in creating a single that really pulls on the heartstrings.

In my opinion it is Rob’s best recorded vocal performance so far and he really does the passionate lyrics justice. When their PR person said in the email that I may need tissues at the ready, I really should have taken that seriously. Powerful stuff.

It has been mixed to perfection, managing to have the moving vocals as the main focus without being overshadowed by the soul-stirring strings, whilst also ensuring that you cannot miss them. I also particularly love the percussion line which builds nicely throughout the song and fits the mood flawlessly.

Ambitious, poignant, raw, beautiful… it feels like an honour to have been able to hear this brilliant single before release.

Candid have become a staple of the local scene and I do believe they are going to put Coventry back on the music map.

Check out “Through All The Fighting” on all the usual platforms.



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