Today’s post is about an artist and music style which I don’t generally gravitate towards but has impressed me. Hip Hop. Nottingham’s TRUHVAS is one of those all-talented artists as he writes, produces, records and performs all his own music which is something I always find admirable.

truhvasThis year he has featured on BBC Radio’s popular “Introducing” segment which many great artists say they owe to their success such as Catfish and the Bottlemen and Jake Bugg. BBC Radio premiered TRUHVAS’ track Horoscopes and soon after on October 5th this year he released his EP “4 PLAY”.

As hinted by the title of the EP, there are four tracks on the record and a real mix of themes and ideas within them. Horoscopes is a track which is quite low and I think thought provoking whereas Drunk & High is the opposite and quite uplifting but still emotional.

I think TRUHVAS really conveys his feelings of anxiousness about life and it is something that I know many can relate to giving him the power to really make something of himself out there and I hope he does that.

My favourite track off the EP is Saturday and as someone who used to be in a Hip Hop/Street dance troop I can imagine dancing to all the tracks off “4 PLAY”.

4play.pngI urge you all to check it out the EP “4 PLAY” and TRUHVAS by using any of the links below:





I love checking out new artists and giving TRUHVAS a listen is no exception to that. So if you’re a new artist or perhaps know a new artist or maybe I just have never listened to you then please fill out the contact form and I would love to give your stuff a listen and possibly write about it 🙂

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