Top 3 Moments from 2017

2018 has begun! We are less than a week in and there has already been tears, controversy and the risk of nuclear war. Yay!

I am currently sat, bored, and have been itching to write for most of the day but had no idea what to write about. So I took to Twitter and a wonderful friend gave me the idea to write about my top three moments from last year.

This is more difficult than I thought it would be because last year was…interesting. A year in many ways that I wouldn’t want to repeat but in other ways I wouldn’t mind. I could write about getting my A Level results or my boyfriend or all the gigs I went to or my love of cricket but I think I have thought of three moments from last year that I will never forget.

3. Getting My Dog

I think quite a defining thing that happened in 2017 is at the beginning of the year my parents told my sisters and I that we were planning to get a puppy in the summer. This was exciting of course but at that time I wasn’t particularly “into” dogs but since having one – who I love so much – I now love dogs so much.

20245963_760522800794453_2110702000087544230_nMy dog, Sydney, is a cockapoo. We picked her up from the breeder on the 23rd of July at about eight weeks old and I instantly fell in love with her. I had her wrapped in a towel on my lap all the way home which was a special moment.

Don’t get me wrong, a puppy is A LOT of hard work and there were moments that I thought that she would never be house trained and I would be constantly cleaning up pee and poo but actually now it is so much easier. She is generally a good girl, sometimes a bit hyper, but usually well behaved. It is lovely coming home from work or from being away at my boyfriend’s to her being so excited to see me. Her cuddles are comforting and she never fails to make me smile. I am going to miss her when I go to uni.


2. Charity Zip Wire


Quite possibly my favourite place in the world is Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham which is the home of the team I support: Warwickshire/Birmingham Bears. I spent a lot of last summer at the stadium supporting my team in all the different competitions…generally being disappointed at the results but still I have renewed my membership for this summer.

When I saw their official Twitter account tweet about their foundation’s fundraising “zip slide” event I jumped at the opportunity. To be able to see my favourite place at that height I thought would be incredible and it really was. The event was organised by the Edgbaston Foundation with official charity partner St Basils to help tackle youth homelessness in the area – something that I witnessed earlier in the year.

22195808_790814664431933_2967406466862061369_nI raised a couple of hundred pounds and along with six other people, on the 1st of October I took the leap of faith off the top of the tall Skyline Terrace and ended up down by the infamous Eric Hollies Stand reaching speeds of 40mph in the process.

It was a brilliant morning and…I did it twice! Some people called me brave, others crazy but I was just elated. Maybe that was the adrenaline. I definitely did go flop when I got home later on.

1. Being Surprised By My “Idol”

Why is the word idol in quotation marks? I just hate the word but I can’t think of a better word to describe him. Vijay Mistry, drummer from my favourite band, Kaiser Chiefs!


I don’t get lost for words easily but there have been a couple of instances which he made me lose my words. In fact, just a few days ago there was an instance when he told me that I had a better technique than him which was incredible to hear and I did get emotional. Another instance could be last January when he came off stage at the end of the gig to give me his drum sticks. But…the instance I am about to talk about tops all that.

If I remember rightly, I have written about this before in a post but I can’t remember how detailed I was. I could check but anyone who knows me will tell you that I can be very lazy.

On the 5th of August I was in Bedford along with a lot of Kaiser Chiefs fans at the barrier waiting for their set in the park. It had been a weird day so far: seeing so many people I knew, the weather going completely crazy (bright sunshine to hail storms to just heavy rain) and lots of drama. But it got weirder.

vj bedfordI was just looking out around the staging when I spotted him talking to the security at the left hand side of the stage. Showing his wristband and I assume explaining who he was. He was allowed past and I was absolutely shocked to see him walk past about twenty-five waving fans and then stop dead in front of me.

He came out to get a better picture because he knew the other one of us together is pretty poor. He asked if I was okay, talked about the weather (how British) and about his birthday the day before. It was brief but definitely the best moment of last year. By far.

I cried and I am not ashamed to say that. After he left and everyone was saying how amazing it was it made me very teary. It meant a lot and still does.

vj bedford 2

So they were my top three moments of last year! I hope this year will be smoother overall but also that there will be moments at least half as special as these ones.


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