January: New Music, Glowing Drumsticks and Lots of Vodka

So January is over…it’s gone by very quickly and it hasn’t been that bad. Well there has been low points but for once I have actually been sociable. Can we get a hoorah?! Yeah, I’ve seen a lot people for gigs, meals, drinks (alcoholic and not) so it’s been pretty great. But vodka has definitely become a part of my diet.

I think the amount of drinking and people actually wanting to spend time with me is down to I turned nineteen so i.e. I had a birthday. I have never been overly enthused about my birthday and I usually don’t really celebrate it but this year I did which was cool. I still might get spirit poisoning though.

For my birthday though I got gifted a pair of glowing drumsticks by my parents. They are technically usable if you can deal with them being slightly bottom heavy because of the batteries but they are awesome! When you hit the drum they light up blue and gradually fade. It would be awesome for a gig.

rock stix

I’ve not only seen all five of my siblings, other family, pals but also met the brilliant Nick Hodgson for the first time. It was a lot to take in. But brilliant because he is one talented chap.

My trip to Leeds was eventful to say the least but meeting Nick and watching him perform was definitely the highlight. His stage presence is incredible, the music fantastic and he was great to chat to!

Nick TYFThe reason why I got the opportunity to meet and see him play is because he released his debut album: Tell Your Friends. It is incredible and currently my favourite tracks are Tomorrow I Love You, Feel Better and Honest Face. It was very surreal seeing him perform Kaiser Chiefs tracks even though he was a KC but hearing some of the songs being sung by him and not Rick was very different…in a good way. It was also ace to see ex-bandmates Simon Rix and Andrew “Whitey” Whitey (Kaiser Chiefs) there to support.

I’ve talked about him a lot recently on my blog so let’s talk about some other new music I bought this month.

fall-out-boy-mania-album-new-2017Fall Out Boy finally released M A  N   I    A and it is alright. Very different sound to their previous stuff and I do find it upsetting that they’ve lost the guitar sound and heavy drums but there are some proper tunes on there. I think my favourite track on the album is The Last Of The Real Ones but it seems to be changing a lot. I am looking forward to seeing the band live for the first time in March!

civil disorderAnother one of my favourite artists, Rat Boy, released another EP! Civil Disorder is filled with bangers and makes me wish that I could go to one of his/their shows. Sadly, nothing is booked near me so I will just have to wait. Like his other records I find some tracks quite relatable and I just love the sheer bolshiness of it really. I was hyped when I saw that there was a part two of KNOCK KNOCK on there because part one is a favourite of my from SCUM. Strong music.

Lynyrd-Skynyrd-Free-BirdIt may not be a new song, in fact it’s from 1973, but my sister introduced me to the song Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynrd. The band who focussed on American Rock were pretty huge until a plane crash killed several members. They reformed a few times since and on the 25th announced a farewell tour! The song though is nearly ten minutes long but contains and absolute rocking guitar solo! It’s pretty ace.

February is next and I have a gig booked but other than that not many plans. I will have to have a search for some new music out there whilst all the festivals announce their line ups!


If you are an artist old or new and want me to check out your tunes fill in the form below:


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