What I’m Keeping Up For Lent

When I was checking if I had the correct ingredients to make pancakes yesterday it occurred to me what pancake day…well Shrove Tuesday is all about. And then after making a shopping list of lemon juice, eggs and flour I asked myself the dreaded question: What am I going to give up for Lent?pexels-photo-350348.jpeg

Now I’m not religious but still every year I attempt to give up a food item up until Easter Sunday and I usually fail. I have no self-restraint. I remember one year when I was about 10 I gave up crisps but that holiday I went to a few activity days (similar to camp) so whenever I was there I would buy crisps. I’m terrible I know…but I also was only ten.

Briefly I thought that I could give up cursing but no so instead this year I’m not going to try. It is all too negative and I’m trying to be a more positive person! I’m not giving up anything, instead I will try and keep up something because I am the best at giving up on things in general.

So…what will I keep up for Lent? It didn’t take me long to decide: drums.


I’ve written about the reasons why I’ve struggled with drums for the past year the main ones being my back problems and the lack of an actual kit and instead an E-kit. Also once you stop and lose the technique I find it quite difficult to motivate myself again but recently I have felt more motivated.

Post: I Want To Be In A Band

Drum Pad
Vic Firth 12″ Practice Pad with 85As

Yesterday, I begun my quest by ordering a new headphone extension lead for my kit that should arrive today. If not, then I will manage without because I’m dead serious about this. I’m looking into where I can play an actual kit local to me by hiring some space out but the closest I’ve found is Birmingham which is a 45 minute bus and then 30 minute train from me but if I can’t find anywhere closer then I will make the trip on my days off work.

I plan to document this…experience…and post about it on Easter Monday. And I am actually looking forward to it because I really want to get back into it. My technique has begun to lack and that needs to be rectified especially if I’m serious about this…which I am!

Even if it just five minutes of technique work on my practice pad that will do. This has to be a gradual process.

So if you need me, I will be behind my kit.

ST kit

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