Previewing My Weekend: Live At Leeds and PDSA PetLife

Today is the 1st of May! Pinch, punch first of the month no return and all that. What was I doing this time last year? Revising for my awful A Level exams which were fast approaching so certainly not gearing up for a weekend of gigging.

lal.pngAfter I finish work on Friday, I am driving up to Leeds where I will be staying for two nights for the much hyped about Live At Leeds event on Saturday. There will be over two hundred acts across twelve different venues across Leeds on this brilliant day for music lovers young and old. I actually wanted to go last year but I was too busy being suffocated by this country’s oppressive education system so I am making up for it this year. But that is whole other story.

The event organisers have created a handy app which has information on all the acts performing, the schedule, how to get to each venue as well as links to all the social media feeds. As a wannabe computer science nerd I am quite impressed and at one feature in particular where you can star the acts you want to see.

These are the acts I am planning on seeing:

Idles – 12:00PM – 12:45PM – Dr Martens Stage – The Wardrobe

Kicking off the day I plan on seeing a band I have heard so many good things about. They have been the chatter at many venues I have been to and recommended to me time and time again. There is no better way to start off a fantastic day by ticking a band off your bucket list. It’s certainly going to be easier to see them than Oasis.

Nick J.D. Hodgson – 5:30PM – 6:00PM – Dork Stage – Church Leeds

For the fifth time this year I will be seeing Nick Hodgson and for the second time in his home city. It is going to be interesting to see what tracks his plays in his half an hour set but I am sure he is going to try and start a Riot. Ha ha.

Spring King – 7:15PM – 8:00PM – Leeds Becket Main Stage

There aren’t many bands that I would want to see over and over but Manchester based band Spring King sure is one of them. I expect the forty-five minutes will fly by and I will be eagerly wishing to see them again. Thankfully they are going on tour in the Autumn! Pre-sale is tomorrow and I am so ready to buy my ticket for their Birmingham gig at the O2 Institute. This is a band which I have recommended to people so much after seeing them for the first time in February last year. I think this is the act I am looking forward to seeing the most.

The Vaccines – 9:00PM – 10:30PM – Leeds Festival Stage – O2 Academy

Probably the most recognisable name on the line-up and headlining the entire event are The Vaccines. Now if I am honest, I am only seeing them because of the hype surrounding them but I am sure they will put on a good a show.

Pale Waves – 11:15PM – 12:00AM – DIY Stage – Brudenell Social Club

I learnt of this band’s existence a few months ago when they won “Under The Radar” at this year’s NME awards. Based on appearance alone the look like my sort of band and I am looking forward to trying them out.

All festivals come with clashes which is always frustrating and causes internal debate but deep down there wasn’t much of a decision to be made. I have picked Spring King who I know always put on a fantastic set over the likes of solo singer-songwriter, Sam Johnson (who I talk about here), and band Fizzy Blood who I am still waiting to see.

I don’t know if my day will plan out how I am hoping it will because it all depends on the acts the people I am going with want to see but I will do a full write-up after I have recovered sometime next week.

pet lifeAfter a heavy day of gigging and a night of planned partying the wise idea would be to get myself home to rest on Sunday. Nope. At nine o’clock in the morning on Sunday I am getting a train to where a friend of mine lives and from there we are driving to Cheltenham Racecourse for PDSA PetLife 2018.

At this dog friendly music festival my favourite band Kaiser Chiefs are performing as well as boy band The Vamps and chart-topping Jessie J. I am so excited about seeing the KCs for the first time this year and hopefully hearing some new material. They were great last year at Bedford Park with the highlight being hearing Misery Company live for the first time and if they could play it on Sunday that would be great. Is it too late to request?

So keep an eye out next week for my feedback about both events.


In other exciting news I am turning this whole blog thing into more of a brand thing. I have created social media accounts under the blog name as well as a YouTube channel. Nothing has really been posted at the moment but I plan to focus a lot of my free time on it so please go and follow/like/subscribe for music news from a music lover’s perspective.

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