Live At Leeds 2018

Live At Leeds. Wow. What an event. Big up the organisers because it was a hell of a day and – to be my knowledge – it all ran smoothly. Okay, yes, the gorgeous weather probably helped a bit. Not sure walking around Leeds would have been as fun in the pouring rain.

In my last blog I previewed last weekend (this event and PDSA PetLife) and highlighted acts I was planning on seeing…well that didn’t go to plan for several reasons but I still enjoyed what I saw. The atmosphere inside and outside the venues was ace so I was very happy. There was definitely a buzz in the air.

When I was travelling on Sunday I was thinking about how it would be best to structure this post because giving a blow by blow account of the day would be dull. Instead, I am going to highlight the best parts.

Yes, To British Punk Rock

My favourite act of the whole day was actually the first act I saw. At Midday – after collecting our wristbands – we were let into The Wardrobe where we were blown away by British punk-rock band, IDLES. The band which was formed in Bristol back in 2012 created such a high and that’s without people being tanked up on booze. My favourite song I heard (people chanting the lyrics probably helped) was Mother. I think it was on the playlist being played at other venues throughout the day too.


They are a band who has been on my list of bands to see for over a year and they did not disappoint. I’m looking forward to seeing them again and in the meantime I have their tunes to listen to and the memories.

Why should you go and see IDLES? They created such an atmosphere with their ace musicianship, bashful frontman who is full of banter and their fans are there for a good time. My one piece of advice is that if you’re not a mosher then don’t stand near the stage. Their fans really are there for a good time.

So…Do I Pray?

One thing I discovered in Leeds was the coolest venue I’ve ever come across. Church. It was literally an old church. The stage was set high up in front of a stunning stain glass window and the circular lighting rig acted as a halo for the acts on stage. Angelic is one word to describe the voice of the singer from Stereo Honey. A very high pitched voice but I enjoyed their sound from the balcony. It was a great half an hour of chilling with a drink from the balcony where only acts, press and VIPs were allowed. It gave me time to sit and relax. Reflect on the events of the day so far.

I was there for Nick J.D. Hodgson however and I thoroughly enjoyed his set (the shortest I’ve seen him play) and I was thrilled that some of my favourite tracks off Tell Your Friends were played: Feel Better, Honest Face and I Love The Way Your Mind Works. It was good to see the man himself afterwards too.


Discovery At The Key Club

The day and sunshine wiped me out but I still made it to The Key Club to catch The XCERTS. I didn’t know what to expect because I knew nothing about the band but I really enjoyed them. Need to give them a proper listen and see them again when I am not so tired.



A Few Kaiser Encounters

20180505_125657.jpgBeing at a popular festival in Leeds I thought it would be possible to bump into a member or two from my favourite band, Kaiser Chiefs. In fact, I bumped into three out of five of the current line-up; Vijay (drummer), Simon (bassist) and Peanut (keyboard player).

Okay so there wasn’t much of an encounter with Peanut apart from him taking photographs of his ex-bandmate next to me in the crowd but I did have a good chat with VJ and Simon after IDLES and a longer one with VJ later. Let’s just say he was an absolute dude.


So would I do Live At Leeds again? Definitely! 100%. It was a great day and next year I look forward to discovering more new acts.



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