August ’18: What “Small” Artists I Am Listening To Right Now

Being a “small” artist is tough. Anyone who has spent anytime hanging with one will know but they work so hard. Usually harder than “big” artists because they simply have to. Recently a not-so-positive encounter with a bassist from a well known band led me to focus on smaller artists even more because they simply appreciate the attention.

They need attention to get somewhere in the competitive music industry so I am going to highlight ten that should definitely check out. There is something for everyone in this post!

Free Galaxy

Free Galaxy is a local band to me based in Kenilworth but doing gigs in the surrounding area such as Coventry, Leamington Spa and Birmingham. They are a four piece alternative rock band with a lot of energy and I think potential. Their latest release is called Treadmill, a track which starts off with soft vocals and delicate guitar but then builds into something bigger. It is song which has a fantastic melody and I am looking forward to further releases from the band. Check out Treadmill here.

Luna Kiss

Luna Kiss is another local band based in Coventry which I discovered thanks to Free Galaxy who have supported them on a few occasions. They are another four piece alternative rock band but these guys have been around for a while with their debut album Echoes of Sound having been released back in 2011. However, they have said after their release of their latest album Following Shadows that it feels like their first. The band think they have found their sound and in my opinion it is a great one. Their latest track You Are really showcases their talent with their influences such as Muse and Radiohead seeping through. Check out their latest album including the track You Are here.

Bad Bearth

Travelling further a field now to New Jersey in the US is experimental Hip Hop group Bad Bearth. When member Lou contacted me I immediately gave the band’s music a listen. It is not something I would usually go for but I tell you what, there is something about this band. Last year they released their album Elephant in the Womb which includes their most popular track Ugly Baby, Born Dead. It’s only a short track but is full of character and gives the listener the best indication of their style. However it is their latest track The Waiting which I think is their best work. Check it out here.

Calva Louise

A band who I have mentioned on this blog before is Calva Louise but they have recently released a new track called Outrageous. I have only seen the punk rock band live the once which is annoying because it was an incredible atmosphere and they have a lot of talent. To my knowledge, they are working on an album which is very exciting. I hope they come back my way soon so I can see them live again. They have a lot of character which is shown in their music also the Outrageous video is proper ace so check it out (and the song) here.

Serpent Motors

We’ve had punk, hip-hop and alt rock so how about some good old fashion rock and roll?! The Serpent Motors have recently released their latest single Rollercoaster as well as teasing an album Rock n Roll Radio which is to be released at some point in September. With strong rhythm guitar and prominent drums if you’re into your rock then this will be for you. Check it out here.


Sometimes Twitter is a great place because a cool dude suggested a bunch of music to listen to. Out of everything I want to give new artist Laville a mention for his debut single, Easy. This dude has a voice that could melt any heart and this track is some way to make yourself known in the industry. Take a listen yourself here.

Demob Happy

It’s great when you accidentally discover a band and Demob Happy is one of them. It was thanks to Spotify because they were one of many artists suggested to me and they have not disappointed. Loosen It, the band’s current most popular track on the streaming site, immediately enticed me into their work. In fact, I just sat and listened to every song of theirs on the site. Their alternative rock sound is right up my street with attractive vocals from lead singer (and bassist) Matthew Marcantonio. You should check out Loosen It off their 2018 album Holy Doom here.

Esther Turner

I have seen Esther Turner perform with her acoustic guitar several times at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham. This is my team’s ground and it is always great to see Esther on the stage in the exhibition hall. She sounds pretty different live to her recorded tracks because live it is just her stunning voice and guitar but her recorded tracks are quite “poppy”. I love both. And I totally recommend listening to her and you should listen to her latest single Tequila and have a dance here.

Sam Johnson

I have definitely given Sam Johnson a mention before but I think his voice is simply incredible and was thrilled when I saw there was a new addition under his name on Spotify. Medicine for My Brain whenever I have seen Sam live has always been a favourite of mine and it is now on the music streaming site for everyone to enjoy! I’m definitely eager for him to release an LP hopefully in the near future. In the meantime, check out this track he recorded for Mahogany Sessions here.


I was blown away when I saw IDLES in Leeds back in May. I had no expectations having never seen or heard the band before but the atmosphere was electric with their fans there for a good time. Their track, Mother, is a personal favourite of mine but a newer track, Danny Nedelko, is a force to be reckoned with. It is the first single off their much anticipated LP, Joy as an Act of Resistance which is due to be released at the end of the month. I am very excited to hear it but in the mean you should check out this interesting, pro-immigration track here.


So there we go! Ten artists! I hope everyone reading this gives at least one of them a try because they are all super talented and deserve your support.

One band I haven’t mentioned in this post who I’m loving right now is Spring King who are releasing their second LP A Better Life on the 31st. Keep an eye out for a post about them later on in the week.

Happy listening 🙂

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