Spring King: A Better Life

It’s Monday! That usually is a negative thing but today is a bank holiday here in the UK so no work or responsibilities. In addition to that, this bank holiday Monday is kicking off the week indie four-piece Spring King release their second album: A Better Life.

spring king album
Debut Album: Tell Me If You Like To.

I discovered Spring back in February 2017 when I first saw them live and instantly fell in love. Their debut album, Tell Me If You Like To, released in June 2016 is one of my most listened to records and peaked in the UK charts at 71 but I am sure that they have great hopes for their new record coming out this week.

Now I love a singing drummer and as a drummer myself I have so much respect for them because honestly I am not sure how they do it. Tarek Musa is the singing drummer in Spring King and is also the brains behind the whole operation. He is a great talent and has written/produced some absolute bangers. The other members are guitarists Pete Darlington and Andy Morton as well as bassist James Green who all perform harmonies. Very well-rehearsed harmonies.

What do you look for in a gig? Brilliant vibes? Fantastic atmosphere? Awesome music? Well a Spring King gig ticks all of those boxes. I have only seen them three times but I am looking forward to seeing them on their tour next month for a great time.

spring king tour dates

Focussing on the music now, their last record had a lot of strong drums and stunning harmonizing vocals and I was hoping that their next would be similar. When they released their first single back in March, Animal, I was very pleased that this is the case.  The track and video are both incredible which I have been playing on loop ever since it’s release. But thankfully – mainly due to my sanity – they have released other tunes on the lead up to their record release.

Us vs Them was next and from the compelling guitar at the beginning to the crashing cymbals at the end it is a head banger. I can just imagine a crowded venue all holding up rock hands whilst nodding to the beat in unison. The Hum is probably the track so far that it is closest to anything off their last album and it makes me want to jump around in a mosh pit. Their live tour is going to be wild. Get your tickets here.

Late last week they released Paranoid, it is not my favourite I have heard but it is decent all the same. The simple fact they have liked all four of the tracks I’ve heard so far is a great sign that the album is going to be fantastic. But expect nothing less. I can’t wait to hear their new material live!

This band are my sound. I feel their music. They have said in today’s depressive society that they wanted to put out a record that is super positive; offering a utopian version of today. Perhaps that is naive but I certainly use music as an escape so this sound like my cup of tea.

You should all check out A Better Life on Friday or go and pre-order now. They have some awesome stuff on their merch stall and if I could afford it I would have ordered more than just the CD. They also have the record on vinyl and even cassette which I think is pretty neat. I am going to have to save up to buy at least a patch on their tour (if they’re still available) and maybe even a funky looking tee.

Spring King’s A Better Life is out Friday from Island Records.

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