Weekly Round-Up 5: A Hard Week with a Few Highlights

How to start this blog…it’s a tricky one. This week has been difficult on a personal level so this post is only going to be a short one.

Last Saturday I went home for the day which was great and very much needed but also a shock to the system a bit. Everything seemed a little different even though I hadn’t been gone long. 20180929_123500My room had been tidied and stuff thrown out (that I didn’t really need) and I was almost made a fuss off. My mum cooked fantastic meals for lunch and tea which tasted great plus she bought me a few bits and pieces to take back to university with me. I enjoyed a much needed cuddle with my dog but it is fair to say that during the whole day I was on edge.

I knew I was travelling back late and it will be very much dark by the time my train got in. The thought of walking back to and across campus made me itch with worry especially after all the security concerns. I broke down at the station my end to my parents who both suggested I stay the night but I felt like if I did not go then I would never go back.  Despite it only being a fifteen minute walk I decided to get an Uber from the station to campus but even the walk from the drop off point to my accommodation I was anxious.

Thankfully it was all fine and once I got in I sat with my flatmate in the kitchen having a deep conversation; her with a cuppa and me with a cider. I saw her at the window as I walked which made me smile that she waited up for me. I have met some good people at uni.

However, although I have met some good people at university I am not good at university. This week has been a struggle and I have found pretty much everything hard. From studying to socialising to even just getting out of bed. It is fair to say that I’ve been struggling with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

It hasn’t all been bad however. A group of us went to the pub to watch the footie on Wednesday night which was a laugh…despite Liverpool losing. I also got a job! Which is exciting and I have the training for it next week. It will only be a shift a week but right now that’s all I need.

But even more exciting is that I will be going to Oxjam Brum on the 13th checking out the talent and will be reviewing all for this blog! Read my preview here and even grab a ticket if you want! It’s for a great cause and there is so much music on offer.


I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been trying to focus on the positives this week. It was difficult but I’m trying to stay motivated. I’m back at home now for the weekend looking forward to the new Doctor Who series and hanging with my family.

Oh and I will be travelling back first thing Monday! Not travelling late at night in the dark again…

Picks of the week:

Song – Evolution by Free Galaxy Listen.

Album – Deaths by Sauna Youth Listen.

Gig – Oxjam Brum (Digbeth, Birmingham 13/10) Tickets.

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