Weekly Round-Up 12: Stressige Zeiten

University is a ginormous pile of sh*t. From the sheer mass of work that has been landed on me to my flatmates making it very difficult to live it is all terrible.

In general, there has been a steady stream of weekly assignments but then suddenly this week (and next) all of my modules have set work or “quizzes” with short deadlines which is just crazy and overly stressful. I don’t think it helps that I am not particularly enjoying my course. I don’t find it interesting and I’m finding little to no rewards from doing it.

This past week I have also found it very difficult getting out of bed. I mean right now it is just gone eleven in the morning and I am typing this in bed still in my pyjamas, I think this comes down to two things: firstly, my flatmates keeping me up every night with their loud friends who seem to enjoy shrieking at each other outside my room door and secondly, having no will to get up in the first place.

The only positives I am findings of uni are that I am enjoying the independence but also the people. I have met some great people including people I know are going to be friends for life.

Focusing on that, I did enjoy going to the German Christmas Market in the centre of Birmingham yesterday. I walk pass it whilst going to work but it was nice to actually stop and explore. My friend had a pint whilst I – due to the cold weather – had a very nice hot chocolate. You have to pay a three quid deposit for the cups and glasses so we decided to bring our trinkets home. For the memories.

Whilst on the way back, we stopped for German doner kebabs at a place near campus and they were incredible! So tasty it was unreal. Will definitely go back.

This is why the blog title is partly in German. Stressige Zeiten. It means stressful times. Because, to be honest, I am not sure how this is all going to pan out but right now I am going to just struggle on.

Oh and Spring King. one of my favourite bands, split up. So there is that.


Picks of the week:

Song – Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand Listen.

Album – American Beauty American Psycho by Fall Out Boy Listen.

Gig – Candid w/ Free Galaxy + More (TOMORROW at Square 1 in Coventry, message bands for tickets)


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