Weekly Round-Up 11: A Strange Week

(Better late than never)

Another week goes by which is absolutely terrifying. I have not been well this week, a lot of it was spent in bed and it has been a strange one but there are few good things that happened. 

The first being I went to The Sunflower Lounge last Saturday and reviewed a gig which you can read all about here. Honestly, despite being slightly under the weather I thoroughly enjoy myself. There was some great music especially from Tin Pigeons and Grafton Ash assisted by an awesome, positive atmosphere.

I don’t know if one of the reasons this past week has been very strange was me not feeling well but I am sure it didn’t help. I wanted to stay in bed most of time – and I did for most of it – but also the thought of human interaction was the last thing I wanted. 

Something that definitely helped was going home on Wednesday night so I had the whole of Thursday to get my head around things. I went back to my old work to visit which meant I did my half an hour walking commute; something I did for a whole year. It was nice. Being outside in some rural parts after living in the city. Seeing my ex-colleagues and friends was really beneficial also because I definitely miss them. 

Kitty Cat

The walk home I came across a cat who followed me for about five minutes until a dog came the other way which was very funny. These things don’t happen in Birmingham.

That night I saw Joe Lycett with my sisters at the Warwick Arts Centre. He and his support act, Anna Mann, were both awesome and a good laugh was definitely necessary after a few very low days. I one hundred percent recommend people check them both out on their respective tours. Well worth the money.

It was back to uni for me on Friday but after a unbelievably delayed train I ended up missing my first lecture which was annoying because it was with my favourite lecturer. These things happen I suppose.

I was also nearly late to my second shift at work after another lecturer ended their lecture late. I was so panicked. I missed my bus so had to walk but went the wrong way with the added obstacle of the German Christmas market in the city centre. I just got there in time and managed to survive another shift. 

Look, I know it is Sunday now and I should have uploaded this on Friday but I am still keeping the format the same. You can hear about the not-so-exciting events of this weekend in next week’s post. 

In the meantime, please remember to take a breath and some time out because I learnt on Thursday how important that is. Also, thank you for your continued support. I am surprised about how many people read these posts so thank you.

Have a good week x

Picks of the week:

Song – Always the Same by Tin Pigeons Listen.

Album – Up All Night by Razorlight Listen.

Gig – Candid w/ Free Galaxy + Others (Square One, Coventry, 24/11) ASK BANDS FOR TICKETS

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