Weekly Round-Up 13: Workload and My Alternative To Blogmas

I have been working very hard this week with very little reward and I am definitely ready to break for Christmas. Just one more week of lectures but then I need to study hard for my January exams. One month to go. I hate exams…so much unnecessary stress.

This is why I am setting my expectations low. My first year at uni doesn’t actually count and all I do is have to pass which is 40% in each module. So that’s my aim and anything more than that is a bonus.

The aim of this mentality is to not get too anxious or worked up over the exam season. I am good at doing that. Ask anyone who witnessed me through my A Level exams…but I guess one positive of these exams are that they don’t drag on for a month and a half. So I can get them over and done with.

This week hasn’t been that exciting because of my workload but it hasn’t been a total write off. Last weekend was fantastic but maybe that’s because I spent it at home…I don’t know.

I went home straight after work late on Friday night, my parents were out so had a good catch up with my sister. When they returned I ended up talking to my mum for over an hour about everything that’s been going on and what I’ve been struggling with. There were tears and it wasn’t until 1am when we got to bed. It was a good, necessary chat though.

On Saturday night I reviewed a brilliant gig in Coventry! Four local bands all killing it and the atmosphere was electric. CandidFree Galaxy, The Ellipsis and Second Hand Strings were all unreal. Read the review here.

Seeing four small bands absolute nail it got me thinking about the music industry as a whole and how so many talented artists go ignored for the larger artists to release overproduced rubbish which gets all the airtime. This is why I am going to focus on smaller artists because I want to try and help them as much as I can.

This year I was tempted to do “Blogmas” but instead I am going to be posting a track daily on my various social media accounts which are by small artists. It’s just one track a day for you to listen to and it could open your mind to a new artist and help them increase their listeners. Links to these songs will be posted daily over on my Instagram story and tweeted from my Twitter. So if you could go and follow these accounts that would be great. I will also be adding all these tracks to a playlist on Spotify and I will write about them in a post about my “not-really-blogmas” on 24th December!

cropped-blog logo with textSo please, get behind this. Not for me but for all the acts who need a push. I have watched too many bands give up lately.

Lastly, what do you think of the new logo? The old one was always meant to be temporary but has been permanent temporary since May so it was time for a change! It is only basic but I like the colours and in my eyes it is a step forward for this little project of mine which has been booming in the past couple of weeks. They will make a blogger out of me yet.

Picks of the week:

Song – Time Will Tell by Candid Listen.

Album – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships by 1975 Listen.

Gig – Calva Louise w/ Support (The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham, 10/03/19) Tickets.

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