Let’s Talk Music – February 2019 Edition

In this month’s edition of Let’s Talk Music I am going to be looking at a few bits and pieces. I’ve been to loads of gigs this month so music has really been very prominent as well as purchasing new products related to my drumming. So I thought I would throw everything into one post.

Let’s start with the music.

“Slipped Out Of Orbit//We’re Not The Same” (Singles) by Dalliance

The indie rock back from Lancashire first came apparent to me at the end of 2018 with their debut single, “Resistance”; a track I love. Like that track, their new material also has a very prominent guitar sound. I think it almost verges on being traditional, 90s Britpop which I seriously rate.

They are embracing this sound that was once the norm, not feeling like they have to change it up to match the 21st century. If I had to compare them to a band then I would be looking at Arctic Monkeys, although their older material, even the vocals are kind of Turner-esque.

Out of the two tracks, “We’re Not The Same” is my favourite and immediately had me tapping my foot. It has awesome drums and will sounds great filling any venue. Have a listen here.



“I Was An Astronaut//You Make Me Want To Grow Up, Sometimes” (Singles) by Brand New Friend

I had the pleasure of seeing this indie-pop band this month at my favourite venue in Birmingham. They really surprised me. I thoroughly enjoyed their set and have been listening to their music ever since but I thought I would talk about their latest release(s).

Keyboard is not a sound I generally dig that much but there is something about the keys in the opening of “I Was An Astronaut” which immediately draws you in. The vocals of both Taylor and Lauren Johnson are brilliant – their voices are perfectly suited to one and other.

They are making real strides across the music scene with a promise of putting on brilliant and upbeat shows. Give their latest tracks a spin here.

brand new friend


“Keep A Secret” (Single) by Future Fires

What do you want in a rock band? Me, I want guitar and lots of it with a face of unfiltered attitude. This four-piece from Birmingham definitely have just that. They are a band I can imagine enjoying at a festival with not only their thumping beats and stunning riffs but also an underlay that is impossible not to dance to.

This track is definitely lighter than their previous releases “Far” and “Midnight Sky”. It really shows their talent because every layer feels more isolated – raw.

I stumbled across this band accidentally thanks to some suggestions on Spotify but they are definitely a band I will be keeping an eye on. Have a listen here.



“I Still Need It” (Single) by Novacub

Every artist wants material they put out to go well; especially if it’s their debut single. I think it’s fair to say that this track by the indie-rock band has gone down very well with over thirty thousand listens on Spotify in a month. This is massive for a debut!

The four-piece from London recently signed with LAB Records just before hitting the road with Kaiser Chiefs giving them the perfect platform to promote this awesome single as much as possible. I personally love it and it makes me excited for what they release in the future (hopefully soon).

From hearing them live I can say that their music varies so it is difficult to assign them a genre. This track is more on the alt-pop side of things but more of their tracks point in the rock direction with some getting quite heavy.

I’m expecting great things. You should check it out here.



“Rhinoceros” (Album) by Calva Louise

It has been a long time since I have been this excited about a release of a record. At the beginning of the month, the grungy punk trio released their debut album earning lots of praise.

Quite a few of the tracks had been released previously, however some of these tracks the mixes have changed giving them a whole new feel. This at first caught me off guard but now I much prefer these versions to ones which were previously released. It’s difficult picking favourite tracks off the album because if I’m honest I love every single one. “No Hay” took me by surprise as the lyrics are in Spanish but I dig it, it is something different.

Out of the other tracks that I hadn’t heard previously my favourites are “Wondertale” and “Out Of Use” both of which will sound awesome live I am sure. They start sounding almost dreamlike and light but then become heavier with the crashing of drums and powerful vocals.

I am super excited about their tour which kicks off in March. You should definitely listen to the album here and get tickets for their UK tour here.

calva louise 2019


Vikory Drumsticks

Last year, I backed a kickstarter for new drumstick brand Vikory. The company based in France created an idea of not just creating high quality sticks made from American Hickory but they also look amazing!

With three different designs currently on sale you would definitely stand out playing with these at a show. It is very rare to find a drumstick brand which are both brilliant quality but also very unique which is why I had to back this project. I now have a pair of their “Anada” sticks which I am very pleased with.


Earpeace Hearing Protection

Playing drums really is high risk for a person’s hearing and I haven’t been as careful as I should have in the past. I mean most of the time I play with headphones but the times when I don’t leaves me at risk of hearing loss and/or tinnitus. This is why I looked into purchasing some sort of hearing protection and the Earpeace HD literally jumped out at me! As a Facebook ad…

They are not only high quality but also very comfortable. They come with three different filters so you can pick how much sound you want to block out and they also do them in petite for if you have little ears – like me. I highly recommend them.




If you want a gig review in the Coventry/Birmingham area or have music you want me to check out then please get in touch:

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