February: Blog Progress and Life Update

I was almost caught out by how short February is as month but don’t worry everyone you’ve got the post you have been waiting for. Or not…

My January post went down really well and I had a lot of attention from people on here but also on social media. Thank you for all your kind words about my depressing month. This month has been better I guess, it couldn’t have been worse, and I have been making lots of progress not only with this blog but also with my future plans.

This month I have uploaded eight times (including this post) which I think is the most I’ve ever posted in a month. It has also been decent content in my opinion so it has been a win-win situation.

I started working with Indie Midlands by writing some reviews for them which has helped this blog too because I have had better access to gigs. It’s very exciting and next month I have so many reviews planned and I think a few more will be added depending on how some things go.

The feedback has been awesome and meeting some of these artists at the gigs has been very interesting. There have been lots of brilliant moments. Picking a favourite gig would be hard but I think the best atmosphere I felt was when watching “Seán McGowan and Brand New Friend” who are both artists I would see again in a heartbeat.

I did have a not-so-good gig moment when seeing Kaiser Chiefs at the O2 Academy, I fell ill and had to be pulled over the barrier meaning I missed the last four or five songs of their set. This was annoying but I saw I them again so I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

I am trying to be more positive in general and this month has been a month of sorting things out. At this point I am fairly certain that next week will be my final week at the university I attend – this is because of being unhappy/not enjoying the course. I am planning on attending a different university in September to study Music Technology; this is in the works. From now until then I have got to work as much as possible to try and raise some funds but I think in the end it will be worth it. I hope it works out.

Some random other bits I wanted to mention was firstly I am OBSESSED with Umbrella Academy on Netflix. It is awesome and I totally recommend it. It’s based on a graphic novel by My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way which is why I gave it a try. I used to love MCR and I am very excited that they are releasing “The Black Parade Is Dead!” on two disc vinyl for Record Store Day which is something else I wanted to mention.

Today the long list of vinyl releases for Record Store Day was announced. I’ve already made a list of three (possibly four) records I wish to purchase on 13.04.19. The aim is to get people buying records from their local shops rather than online. You can check out all the releases here and find your local store here. I’m now making plans to get to my local store on that Saturday.

Finally I just want to say that I really appreciate all the support I get on this blog. I am looking forward to next month, I have plans of what to write about and post other than just the gig reviews. So keep ’em peeled.

Remember you can always get in contact if you want your music checking out or a gig review in the Coventry/Birmingham area. Message me on social media – @musicdrumsandme – or fill out this form here:

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