Gig Review: Calva Louise w/ Kid Kapichi and The Sunset Beach Hut, Sunflower Lounge 10/03/19

Another Sunday night at The Sunflower Lounge. I first saw Calva Louise play March last year at this very venue. My expectations were high having seen them live twice before and loving every thing they’ve ever released. I bought my ticket four months ago with much anticipation.

The atmosphere was decent for a Sunday night, with many people looking forward to three brilliant bands to end their weekend. The first being The Sunset Beach Hut, an indie pop band from Shrewsbury who have buckets of enthusiasm and some decent tunes. With strong bass lines and upbeat melodies they were the perfect band to get things up and running. Their latest single, “Bury” has picked up over twenty thousand streams on Spotify showing the trio’s ever-growing success.

Next up was Kid Kapichi, an alt-rock band from Hastings who are experiencing their first tour following Calva Louise around the UK. There is a fair bit of hype surrounding this band and I understand why. Their performance was filled to the brim with a ferocious energy that is made for big stages at festivals. I enjoyed the dynamic of having two vocalists and the almost haunting guitar riffs. Their latest single “2019” is full of that energy and solid guitar – there is a reason it has already racked up sixty thousand streams on Spotify. There is a lot of talent in this band.

Finally, it was the band most were there to see, Calva Louise. Off the back of releasing their debut album, “Rhinoceros” the indie trio were ready to rock. They played tracks off the album as well as unreleased material all of which went down a treat both with fans who knew their sound well and the people there who perhaps came down to give them a try.

I love the grungy pop feel they have but with the smashing drums and harmonising vocals. Musically, everything was perfectly rehearsed and played with ease, but also they have crowd interaction down to a tee. Before playing one of my favourites, “Out Of Use”, singer-guitarist Jess said it was only the third time they’ve played it live – well I am glad they did. It rocks, in fact their entire set did.

I seriously love this band and would love to see them again and again. It was great to catch up with them throughout the night and I get the impression that tour has been a success. All-in-all the night was really awesome and I was absolutely buzzing when I got back to my flat.

They are a sound group of people with an awesome sound; I hope they go onto bigger things because they seriously deserve it.




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