Gig Review: You Dirty Blue (EP Launch) w/ Stuka & Hole In My Head Gang, Sunflower Lounge 01/03/19

This review was written for Indie Midlands.

There is always a different feeling in the air on Friday nights and at The Sunflower Lounge last Friday it was no different. The venue filled up before the first support act started, everyone ready with their drinks socialising with an excitement building. It was You Dirty Blue‘s night with the launch of their latest EP “Make Way For The Montage”.

The first support act was Hole In My Head Gang. A loud rock band with awesome drum beats and a lot of rhythm. The four-piece knew the set like the back of their hands and played through the tracks with ease. It is difficult to categorise them – which I like in an artist especially when they aren’t chaotic – but they are definitely rock n roll…with perhaps a dash of blues. They finished their highly energetic set with a cover of T. Rex‘s “20th Century Boy” which got the crowd dancing. They were a perfect support act.

Next up was Stuka, a garage trio with some love of psychedelia. In my opinion their biggest edge were their bass lines, this is highlighted in tracks such as “Time Traveller”. There were a few fumbles here and there but the audience seemed to enjoy them and their vigour. I especially liked their slower track, “The Witch’s Finger” in particular.

Drinks were flowing by the time the headliner of the night, You Dirty Blue took to the stage. The duo from Tamworth put on an incredibly high energy show creating an awesome atmosphere. The crowd were very lively and even some moshing occurred! Despite only being a two-piece they sound like there is a full four/five person band on stage. It is immense!

The aim of the night was to celebrate the launch of their latest EP, “Make Way For The Montage” which I have listened to in full since. The six tracks really demonstrate their talent and although the sound has changed slightly from their previous material, I would say it has evolved. It is still that grungy, rocking blues which people love.

It begins with “Loose Hips”, an upbeat track with punchy drums and throaty vocals. The opening riff is enough to get anyone pumped up and that it did. Each track showcases a different element they do so well; from the funky riffs in “In Other Words” to the manic drum beats in “Bimbada” – and that’s without even mentioning the vocals. In most of the songs, the vocals are very multi-layered maybe apart from track “Jumped the Gun” when the vocals seem more isolated.

I understand why they were picked to open up for Wolf Alice in 2017 and earlier on that year playing Glastonbury. They’ve certainly impressed me so no doubt they will impress others.



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