Gig Review: DREAM STATE w/ Evade Escape and Dearist, The Flapper 04/04/19

This review was written for Indie Midlands.

By the time I arrived at the venue after never ending transport issues, Dearist were already part way through their set and the room was filled to the brim with hyped people ready for a night of entertainment.

The band from Wolverhampton weren’t scheduled to perform but stepped in for Parting Gift who had to pull out. They definitely had a fair few fans of their own in as I noticed people knew the words to their songs.

Being a measly 5’2″ seeing over the heads of people enjoying the music was near impossible so I resided at the back of the room and it was an eye opening experience. Not only am I listening to the music blind but also get to watch the crowd reaction – brilliant.

Later on I discovered that perhaps standing at the back was a good thing as the crowd got incredibly pumped up and moshing ensued. It was brilliant to witness.

During Birmingham band Evade Escape‘s set, pints were coming through the door at record speed especially for a week day. The band only launched last December but are really going for it and looks to be paying off. They promise to release some tunes very soon and I’m sure once they do things will begin to spiral upwards. With decent riffs and vocals I thoroughly enjoyed their set.

The crowd very much varied in age. There were lots of young people in their late teens and early twenties but on the flip side people approaching middle age. It was the sort of gig where everyone was friendly and were happily getting to know one and other. They were very responsive to every act of the night. Shouting “one more song” after each act had finished their set brought a smile to my face. It was a very positive atmosphere.

There was a serious buzz at The Flapper as the time for DREAM STATE drew closer and closer. Lots of excited faces went wild when the Welsh, alt-rock quintet made it on stage. This was their tenth show of a twenty-four-date-long UK tour and they seem to be loving it.

They are the definition of energy and leading from the front CJ seems to find getting the audience animated effortless. The atmosphere when they played their most popular track, “White Lies”, was incredible. With over three million listens on Spotify this track really has quite the following. I completely understand why they won Kerrang!‘s award for Best British Breakthrough last year.

With people steadily buying merch all night and it being a sold out event I would say it was a very successful Thursday evening for DREAM STATE. Long may it continue.


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