Let’s Talk Music – April 2019 Edition

April has been a brilliant month for new music! In fact, it hasn’t stopped coming. Picking a few songs for this month’s round-up has been difficult but I think I have succeeded. Make sure you check out all of these tracks as well as the artists!

Now then, let’s get on with it.

“LEAVE ME” by Free Galaxy

This alt-rock band have released a few awesome tunes in the past few years but today they’ve released “LEAVE ME” which has to be their best so far. With kick-ass dual vocals, the track starts low-key with thudding drums but then builds into a crashing chorus with cool riffs. It is incredibly catchy – I cannot get it out of my head.

Having seen this band multiple times I can tell you that this track is one which not only always goes down well during their set but also is quite possibly my favourite. I was thrilled when I found out that this was the single they were releasing. It could definitely be described as a head banger.

I’m looking forward to seeing them once again tomorrow, this time headlining COV ROCKS at Square One, if you can’t see them then you at least have to give their new single a listen. You can find it here.



“Circuits” by Grafton Ash

Another new single released today is this new single by the talented Grafton Ash. Since their last release, four have become three but this pop band have not suffered whatsoever. “Circuits” hasn’t lost the individuality this band but instead gained a new element of a slightly more electronic overlay.

What I love about this band are their stunning, harmonising vocals and I was very pleased that they haven’t at all lost this. The song is about the very important topic of mental health, something I think most – if not all – people can relate to. The lyrics highlight how vulnerable people really are making I for one not only think but realise that I am not alone.

I think it is an important song but also some more ace material added to their catalogue. Whenever I listen to them or see them live I always find myself wondering why the hell they haven’t been signed! Show them some support by listening to their new track here.



“Shame” by BLVFF

Coventry indie band BLVFF released their second single this month, “Shame”. After their first single racked up over thirty thousand listens on Spotify it was certainly time to release a second.

What I loved about their previous single is how real it was – not electronic tinkering as if what you hear is what you get. That certainly applies to this single also. Strong vocals and powerful guitar guides you through a track of pure brilliance. It is incredibly intense.

I have never seen this band live but surely it is only a matter of time. In the meantime I will be listening avidly to their tracks, especially this new one which you can check out here.



“Eyes” by The Cosmics

This garage punk trio from Birmingham have been making an impact on the music scene since their arrival in 2015. With five singles now out there they are making their mark and it is a mark which I have been enjoying since I first discovered them last year.

New track “Eyes” has the familiar sound of edgy vocals and heaps of reverb which many love from this band. Sharp guitar and intense vocals are the key to this song which makes me feel as if I’m in a different era – in a good way. It really is classic but also incredibly individual. It is difficult to describe.

I am always looking forward to more from this band so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long. In the meantime, check out their latest single here.



“Wait Up” by Novacub

Having seen this indie-pop band twice this year I was very excited when they announced they were releasing their second single! After how much I loved their first, “I Still Need It” I was eager to find out what the second would be and they only said the day before release that it would be “Wait Up”.

Immediately after the first listen I was entranced by the brilliant opening riff and high tempo drums throughout. The vocals are strong from the talented Louise Bartle as well as catchy harmonies. It is very difficult not to be hooked by them. That’s what I have found anyway!

The band hint that their third single is on the horizon and in the mean time I will enthusiastically await. Have a listen to their latest single here.



“My Attention” by The Mustoes

Having just seen this band last week they are fresh in my mind and I was blown away by them. The alt-synth pop quintet really have everything going for then. Their sheer brilliance is highlighted in new single, “My Attention”.

Words fail me when I listen to it so you should be your own judge and have a listen for yourself here.



Remember to checkout all of the artists included in this post! And if you want to get in touch about your music then fill the form out below 🙂

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