Gig Review: The Tin Pigeons w/ Grafton Ash and Sean Duggan 10/11/18

Saturday nights at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham are always a blast and last Saturday night was no exception. On the third date of their “You’re No Fun” Tour, duo Tin Pigeons put on a show at this brilliant venue with support from Sean Duggan and Grafton Ash.

The crowd were definitely keen for the music to start and when local lad Sean Duggan stepped on stage people listened with anticipation. For someone whose band dropped out last minute he did very well. The singer-songwriter with a very charismatic personality was centre of attention whilst impressing with his guitar skills and good voice. Since his set, I have listened to his tracks online and they definitely have a blues-y vibe to them which is very cool. Before playing song Identity Crisis he made the point how music nowadays has all become very linear which is something I very much agree with.

A few days previous four-piece Grafton Ash played a set in John Lewis which I sadly missed. I have seen this band before as mentioned here and really think they have something special. They’re a band who I think should be much bigger than they are and have so much potential. They have the talent and stage presence which many other acts would desire. From Be Honest In Love to Avalanche the crowd were loving it fuelled by their humour between songs. They have nailed audience participation. My favourite track of theirs personally is called War from the beat on the drums to the bass line in the bridge to the perfect harmonies I think it is a piece of art.

Grafton Ash
Grafton Ash (©Stephen Cooper)

Previously, I have heard great things about Tin Pigeons and I was very much looking forward to their set. The two-piece indie band from the East Midlands have a positive aura surrounding them with their upbeat tracks and almost folk-y sound that you just want to dance to. Their new single (out in a few weeks) You’re No Fun follows this pattern and is another absolute bop. I understand the hype now. The lead singer, Fraser, has a great voice that I could personally listen to all day whilst bassist, Tom, is simply incredible. I wish I had half of the energy they have! They are a band who I will definitely see again for a great night out and a dance.

It was the perfect night with a decent crowd.

Check out this Spotify playlist I have made here and the links to all the acts’ social media accounts below. They are definitely all worth a listen.

Social Media Links:

TIN PIGEONS – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

GRAFTON ASH – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

SEAN DUGGAN – Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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