Let’s Talk Music – August 2019 Edition

Before August begun I wasn’t convinced it would be a great month for music. I had nothing that I was waiting for but suddenly it was release after release. There are some awesome tunes included in this post so as always please check them all out. Support the artists!

“Belicoso” (Single) by Calva Louise

I’m starting with undoubtedly the most exciting release for me and that is the extraordinary new single by one of my absolute favourites. Calva Louise. The band released their debut album “Rhinoceros” back in February and it has been one of my most listened to records ever since. I was immediately very excited when they started to tease this new single and it has not disappointed.

“Belicoso” carries a slight different sound to their other material but it still has the same ballsy energy and talented songwriting. It is a taste of their forthcoming EP “Interlude For The Borderline Unsettled” which I’m extremely buzzed for. The track has already wracked up over one-hundred-thousand streams on Spotify and it is very well deserved.

Listening to their new track on repeat makes me miss their live shows but thankfully they’ve recently announced a handful of shows in December including one my way. It is like they read my mind. I recommend them to the moon and back, you should listen to their new single here – it is a great starting point.

calva louise 2019


“Trip On Gold” (Single) by Sam Johnson

Singer-songwriter Sam Johnson has been spoiling us as of late with releases and this single “Trip On Gold” is another perfectly crafted song with enthralling vocals and a catchy underlying beat. The track is an uplifting take on perhaps a sad situation – being unlucky in love.

When I saw Sam perform a few times last year I don’t think this is a song he played so it is great to hear some fresh material from him. Co-written with fantastic singer-songwriter Iain Archer who has worked with the likes of Snow Patrol, Liam Gallagher, Niall Horan, James Bay and Jake Bugg – he is some name to have on your side and the results are simply breathtaking.

It was an earworm for me for days after release perhaps because of the high-spirited aura the melody carries. Have a listen for yourself here.



“Waiting” (Single) by The Sherlocks

British alternative band The Sherlocks are currently preparing for their release of their second album “Under Your Sky” which is out in a month’s time (October 4th) and have released a string of singles over the past few months to get the fans ready. There is definitely an air of excitement surrounding the release.

The band from Sheffield is made up of two pairs of brothers aiding their unmistakable chemistry whilst on stage together. Their latest single “Waiting” has that familiar sound from the band making it very obvious it is one of theirs. With an enticing opening riff, catchy bass line and prominent drums once again they go all in – and it pays off.

That is without talking about the vocals from the effortlessly cool Kiaran Cook. His voice is instantly recognisable. This track actually came on an automatically generated playlist on Spotify but I knew it was The Sherlocks without even looking. These guys are destined for great things – have a listen to “Waiting” here.

The Sherlocks ps


“I Dare You” (Single) by Ferris & Sylvester

London based duo Ferris & Sylvester have released another single, “I Dare You”. The folk pair have been working very hard over the past few years and from the results it has evidently been paying off.

The new single is somewhat explosive with a definite rock edge complimenting their usual sound. It begins with melodic guitar and their stunning harmonising vocals before turning into something heavier and full of fire. Punchy percussion with sheer electric guitar it really is quite something. Chart worthy for sure. It may already be my favourite track by the pair.

Another single out, another successful tour in the process…surely it is time for an album? I’m sure it would be very well received. Have a listen to their latest single here.



“Violet” (Single) by Sea Girls

Indie-pop band Sea Girls are on top right now selling out shows and with over six-hundred-thousand monthly listeners on Spotify they are surely the next big thing.

“Violet” is the band’s eleventh single and it is another banger. Starting slow with pretty synths it builds into another Sea Girls pop anthem. Fast-paced and urgent it is a song made for live shows with plenty of moments perfect for audience chanting. They haven’t sat still over the past year and are set to embark on yet another tour this Autumn playing their biggest venues ever.

It is very rare to get guaranteed result after result but for this band it is a guarantee. Recently signed by label giants Polydor is an album on the horizon? I for one hope so! In the meantime listen to “Violet” here.

Sea Girls


“Victims and Victors” (Single) by Citylightz

Wolves five-piece Citylightz have released another single ahead of their EP launch “Rock n Road” which I expect will be released in the coming months. The indie band have something different; their mix of rap and rock is certainly genius making some brilliant tracks in the past so I was excited for their latest release.

“Victims and Victors” is a quick paced tune with their usual rock rhythms and rap bars making it very obviously one of theirs. I really dig their use of two vocalists; one for rap (Matthew Barnett) and another for lead vocals (Luke Henry). It is another track full of indie hooks.

They really are a band not to miss out on! Whether it is for their songwriting capabilities, unbelievable energy or hilarious tweets (you must follow them on Twitter) they have something else. Have a listen to their latest single here.



“Unapologetically Rock n Roll” (EP) by M A R C

They describe themselves as no nonsense rock n roll and I would have to agree. Indie rock band M A R C are due to release their debut EP “Unapologetically Rock n Roll” at the end of the month.

The EP starts on a high with anthem “Shock Fantasty”. A very obviously rock track with strong guitar and slight nasally vocals. It is in your face and honestly it makes me fall in love with them and their sound instantly. I had to pause the EP after this opening track just to let it all sink in – these guys are serious and they certainly mean business.

For them, talent doesn’t stop as the next track on the EP is their most popular previous release “She’s A 10”. Highlights of this track for me are the insane riffs and the layered backing vocals. Really gives it an edge, this doesn’t stop for next track “City Signs”. Definitely a more low-key track it adds depth and variation to an already impressive EP.

“Time” begins with isolated vocals and gentle guitar which really highlights the choral talent by the lead singer. It is a slower more emotional track adding yet another string to their bow. Next up is “Much too Much” a track which I’ve loved since I first listened to it last December. The original includes female vocals but since then they lost their female vocalist – this a small loss. The track still packs a punch for sure and is made for live performances.

The final track is “Make Me Smile” and it is the perfect way to round off – what I think is – a successful debut. With classic rock n roll bars and beats the track is a bit of a head banger. I feel like anything I say will not give this brilliant EP justice so you will just have to listen for yourself in a few weeks time. The title definitely sums M A R C ‘s work up brillianty; “Unapologetically Rock N Roll”.

Celebrating the release the band are playing a headline gig at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton on the day of release (27th September) along with The Regulars, Nova Bloom, Faith and Glass Ceilings. You should definitely snap up your tickets here and keep an eye out for the new EP out end of September! You would be crazy to miss out.




So that’s it for now! I know this post is definitely a lot later than anticipated but I’ve been away and struggled to get back on top of things since being back but I am back now.

Gig reviews to write among other things.

Thank you for your continued support.

M x


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