Gig Review: Candid w/ Free Galaxy, Autopilot, Easy Company and Souki, The Tin, 26/10/19

A night at The Tin is always a great one and Saturday was no disappointment. In fact, it was my best night at the Coventry venue yet!

After grabbing a drink and chatting to a few people I was ready for a night of local talent. Four-piece Souki kicked things off nicely with a steady set of originals playing to the keen gig-goers. I thought they had some good songs my favourite being a track they played after two of the members switched instruments (they didn’t say the name). However, I thought they were shy but I am sure the more they perform this will disappear.

Next up, was Easy Company. Last time I saw the alt-rock outfit play I had to leave during their set so I am glad I finally got to see a full performance from them. The young band have a great chemistry adding to the excitement that they exude. I thoroughly enjoyed their set, my favourite track played being “Circle” – a rock n roll tune with a funky riff. All their songs are quite pace-y which got the growing crowd moving and when they played their final song “Brushing Off The Fake ID” the frontman conducted a singalong with a lot of confidence which received a good reaction. I think he has a great voice and I am excited about where they go next.

Trio AutoPilot practically stumbled onto stage after definitely having had a few drinks but it didn’t affect their performance. It was my first time seeing the indie-rock band and I thought they were the real deal. It helps having the experience of someone who has “made it” before as Andy Hopkins (formerly of The Enemy) plays bass. What I liked about them were their layered vocals as all three members had a mic in front of them. This is a sort of sound I enjoy in general so it was a great pleasure to see, and more importantly, hear.

When I looked around the room during “Invincible” I could see people singing along so there were definitely fans about. Their latest single, “Glass of Gold” is a real head banger and I have been listening to it on repeat ever since. Top band and Jack Schofield definitely had the coolest looking guitar of the night.

The venue started to fill up completely before the next act. I have seen Kenilworth band Free Galaxy play numerous times at this point but on Saturday night had to be – for me – their best performance yet. Every element sounded perfect and I came away hoping that they release another single soon. 

Thanks to punk duo Pretty Vile there was a mad mosh pit going making the atmosphere absolutely incredible. I could see the band were enjoy themselves which bled positivity that the crowd lapped up. I know their set inside out at this point yet it doesn’t get old. I think they’re mega both recorded and live – they’re worth any support you can give them.

Lastly, but by no means least, Candid kicked off their headline set with a bang. Playing tune after tune, there was a lot of noise for the indie band coming from the mosh pit which was still more than alive. I have a lot of respect for frontman Rob Latimer for telling people to look after each other in the pit and it was definitely taken on board.

They played all their singles as well as a fair bit of unreleased material, my favourite being “Number 10” which I hope does get released at some point. They have a very distinct sound, if you’re listening to a Candid song you know it is a Candid song. New track, “Misunderstood You” is slightly slower paced and more emotional but still has that rock feel. 

Towards the end of their set they played the renowned “Champagne Supernova” cover which certainly got people singing along. I definitely didn’t have much of a voice the morning after. Finishing with “Lay Me Down” it was time to say goodbye to drummer, Ben Williams who was playing his finally gig with the band after three years with them. It was definitely poignant and I could see how difficult it was for the rest of the band to say goodbye but I am sure they will continue to shine. I wish Ben luck for his new endeavours.

It was a very successful night brought to Coventry by The Future Sound Project. The promoter has been working for the past year with bands in the West Midlands but now has come to Coventry to help the scene there. Massive shoutout to them for everything they are doing.

Check out their monthly playlist (below) and give it a follow! As well as check them out on all the socials – they are doing brilliant things for the local music industry which is worth supporting.



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