Let’s Talk Music – January 2020 Edition

This post is late because of university assignments…but when am I ever on time!

Here are some of what I was listening to in January. Make sure you check out all of the artists and tunes – I think they all are ace in their own way.

“First Things First” (Single) by John Connearn

A great title for a debut solo single, songwriter John Connearn has kicked the decade off well with “First Things First”.

A name to recognise in the local music scene as a talented guitarist, session musician, sometimes producer and member of now dissolved Coventry band The Ellipsis. Connearn has proved his musical mastery on numerous occasions but now he is starting a new adventure as a solo artist.

“First Things First” is an instrumental, guitar filled pop track which could be described as dream-like, imaginative and simply genius. It fuses together an amalgamation of genres with pop and rock both making an appearance with perhaps a hint of jazz-like grooves.

He may be known as a guitarist but each instrument in the track is played by himself which is pretty impressive. Interesting drums, delicate keys and subtle bassline really makes this track whole. I’m excited to hear what he does next!


“I’m a Rockstar” (Single) by Citylightz

Their first single of the year and it certainly won’t be their last, the hardworking and rocking Citylightz bring us another great tune.

The band from the West Midlands put out their debut EP, “Rock N Road” last year and are already working to put out their second in the near future. They are running at full steam and results are certainly paying off. Their popular single “They Don’t Know Me” was one of my most played tracks last year.

“I’m a Rockstar” opens with a funky guitar groove leading into heartfelt vocals. The vocals are actually an interesting pull of the band. Multi-layered, raw and have so much character. The lyrics “I will always be a rockstar even if I don’t get famous” ring in my ears as these guys deserve to make it. They have that presence, energy and musical talent to go far.

The band are playing a headline show at the O2 Institute in April, I for one am hoping to pop along and witness the brilliance in action. Get your tickets here.


“Hothead” (Single) by Geezas

Indie-rock outfit Geezas have released their debut single “Hothead”. The band from Halifax have produced a track which is well written and made for the stage – I would go as far to say that it is an anthem.

“Hothead” sounds like a tune from the noughties and elicits fond memories. It is three minutes of beautiful vocals, awesome bass lines and rocking guitar mixed together to create – what I think – isn’t far from a masterpiece.

The band may be new but the band members are certainly experienced and have been around the music scene before. Composed of Toby Steel (ex-Calina), Rhys Jenkins (ex-Ego States), Toby Ellis and Isaac Brierley (both ex-Low Lanes). This really does sound like a match made in heaven.

They say one of their influences are The Kooks which I can really hear in their music. So if you like those vibes then be sure to check it out.


“Psych Beach” (Single) by Voodoo Bandits

Indie four-piece Voodoo Bandits are a band mixing surf pop, rock and psyche from the Isle of Man. Their music is very upbeat and full of life – bringing positive vibes to all who hear it.

The message behind the track is to escape when things are getting too much which I think is a good message in this hectic life we all find ourselves in. Have a dance whilst doing so. It is impossible not to!

I am excited by this wonderful group of people. One listen of this track got me hooked and listening to their other material “Ride the Wave” and “Sink Below”. I hope they venture not far from me in the near future so I can experience this sound in person.

For this band, summer is all year long and they want to add some alacrity to your life.


Okay, so this post was pretty short because of what has been a hectic beginning of the year but I have plenty of posts coming your way pretty soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you for reading.


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