My Drum Set-Up

I am back finally with a drum post!

This has been a long time coming as I’ve been looking at writing about this for a while, plus a few people have asked about it. Now, because of owning new cymbals I think it is time to talk about my drum set-up.

Drum roll please.


Last April/May I said goodbye to my sh*tty e-kit and said hello to a proper drum kit of my own. The Tama Rhythm Mate 5-Piece kit arrived in a “stream red” with poplar shells and chrome hardware.

Snare14″ x 5″
Tom #110″
Tom #212″
Floor Tom16″

The heads to all the drums are Tama but the snare is coated giving it a warm feel. I have changed my set-up so right now I am not using both toms and instead just using the 12″ tom above my snare. For me, I find this an easier set-up and I have found to play the drums better with just the one tom. Although, I am currently tempted to swap it for the 10″ just for a more obvious tonal difference compared to the floor tom.

Taking out that additional tom was a great decision for me. When I did own that bad electric kit I did the same – by removing one of the pads. I was given great advice a few years back by a drummer I admire, telling me to think about what I actually need/want to use in the setup instead of using everything because I have it . Some of the best advice I have ever been given about drums which may sound surprising.


Originally, my kit came with cheap (really bad) hi-hats and crash. At the time I bought a cheap Sabian SBR Ride cymbal just because I felt lost without one and at the time I couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money on a cymbal. It was fine as a stand in but I am very relieved to now own a decent set of cymbals.

I went for the Sabian AAX cymbal range as personally, the brand is the best I have ever used, the reviews were really good and this range is really nice sounding. Perfect if you are playing a wide range of genres of music. Very versatile set of cymbals.



My hardware is all Tama. So that’s stands, stool and pedals. Apart from one of the cymbal stands is Mapex because I bought that for the ride cymbal. All are great, robust bits of hardware and I haven’t had any issues with it.

Drum Sticks

In general, I use Vic Firth American Classic 85As but occasionally I used 7As as they are more readily available. I like both pairs of sticks because they are skinny and I have small hands meaning other sticks – even the most popular 5As and 5Bs – I find difficult to play with.


I love Vic Firth because they are manufactured well and I have never been disappointed with the quality. They last. I think their incredible reputation speaks for itself.


I have a few additional bits for my kit. This is because I have a real love for percussion in general and it is always fun adding some to tracks to add more texture. If I could, I would have more but sadly finances and space restrict me.

  • Meinl HTHH1BK Hi Hat Tambourine (jingle ring)
  • Meinl Egg Shaker Set (four shakers at different loudness levels)
  • Stagg 13306 5.5″ Cowbell
  • Natal Wood Shaker
  • Gear4Music Foot Tambourine

So that’s about it. I hope you have found this interesting.

Over the past year in particular I have enjoyed exploring different avenues, brands and set-ups when it came to my kit but I finally feel like I have something that I am proud of and enjoy playing.

I am going to look at writing more drum posts in near future especially now I will be playing more and more. I may even post some drum covers over on YouTube if I build my confidence enough. Ha.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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