Let’s Talk Music – April 2020 Edition

Having officially spent a full month on lockdown (and the rest), music has acted as an escapism in this tricky time. Many artists have put back releases until they can gig again but thankfully not all].

Remember to check out all the artists in this post.

“Miura” (Single) by Souki

Coventry-based band Souki have released their debut single and it comes in the form of five-minute-long track, “Miura”. With an already pretty good reputation before release having played plenty of shows in the West Midlands, great shows no less I can happily vouch, it is great to finally have a substantial release from them.

One word I would describe “Miura” as is chaotic. Not in a bad way though.

Immediately grabbing the listener’s attention with face paced guitar and percussion accompanied by an insane synth sound before the narrative vocals kick in. This all grounds to a halt around ninety seconds in where mood shifts to a darker one. There is definitely a story being told.

The band are full of drive and determination making me look forward to what they release next.


“Want For Nothing” (Single) by BLVFF

Indie-rock band BLVFF have released their fourth single and it has all the makings to be a proper anthem. I have reviewed two of their singles on this blog before, their debut single “Where Did We Go Wrong” was one of my favourite tunes of 2018 and I remember being incredibly excited by their potential. I’m surprised I haven’t seen the Coventry band on stage as of yet.

“Want For Nothing” is made up of moody vocals, heavy guitar and a catchy chorus perfect for the live music experience. I imagine it being a crowd pleaser. The perfect recipe for indie-rock with the thumping drums guiding the way through the song.

My one criticism is that it all feels quite safe. It is a great tune and displays a lot of talent but I feel they can go one step further. Make the genre their own.

These guys are one of This Feelings‘ “Big In 2020” acts – they are destined for great things.


“Closer” (Single) by The Tin Pigeons

Indie-pop duo The Tin Pigeons have been on my radar since seeing them live towards the end of 2018. If you want to listen to something that gives good vibes with bouncing beats; I very much recommend.

When I saw them live, I actually went to the gig to watch the support act but instantly loved what the East Midlands pair had to offer. They had the crowd dancing. This track, “Closer” certainly has me bopping whilst listening to it.

A funky bassline, fantastic vocal performance and a repetitive choral line, which I imagine crowds to be singing along to, contrives this brilliant new single. I would describe their sound as infectious – seems a weird thing to say during this weird time but I promise I mean it in a good way.


“Ghosting” (Single) by PINS

Manchester trio PINS have released another single off their forthcoming album and it is a great listen. When this band blew me away on stage in 2017 they were different to how they are now – two less band members for a start but most obviously a different sort of sound. Although I loved their sound and performance then, I still love it now.

“Ghosting” is a punk track really homing in on a synth sound. Dominating drums and valiant vocals guide you through the song which almost gave me the feeling of being intoxicated. With definite disco vibes this tune will have you dancing during lockdown – definitely worth a listen.

One thing is for sure, it has been too long since I first saw them live so I will look into seeing them again as soon as we are able to gig. The band are releasing album “Hot Slick” on 29th May which is extremely exciting and I am looking forward to it.


“Summery In Angus” (Single) by Marsicans

Everything’s coming up Marsicans! The quartet from Leeds are going from strength to strength playing bigger shows than ever, getting signed to Killing Moon and they’re due to release their debut album in the summer. I had the pleasure of seeing them play twice last year; at Leeds’ Academy and Elland Road.

Their newest single is “Summery In Angus”, a track written during Storm Angus. It is a song about the two sides of a person: the good and the not-so-good side. Marsicans have created an instantly recognisable style with the use of layered vocals and BVs – the lead vocals being provided by James Newbigging who has unique but amazing tones. 

With in your face riffs and – in parts – an off beat drum groove which I particularly dig. This single makes me extremely excited for their album release, “Ursa Major”, which has been pushed back to August 14th. Make sure you check these guys out.


“In Truth I Fear For The Heart” (EP) by Saytr Play

On first listen of five-piece Saytr Play’s latest offering I am immediately hit that this is unlike any of their previous releases. The band have the reputation of putting on wild performances with mad crowds and the music to match that but this new EP, “In Truth I Fear For The Heart”, is calmer and a lot more personal.

Opening track “Everyday Since” is a raw one about wishing that support was had during tough times and how finding that perfect companion changes everything. It is a beautifully written track with the lead vocals from Fred Farrell taking centre stage in this one. Accompanied perfectly by the backing vocals and later what seems to be a violin.

“Future”, I would say is the focus track of the EP. With both a studio and acoustic version taking up half of the space – which in itself is a courageous decision – but it is one that certainly pays off in my opinion. Opening with a soft intro where the vocals are joined by a delicate synth before an upbeat synth/bass collective kicks in. It is a truly amazing indie-pop anthem with the acoustic version also doing justice.

The most familiar sounding track on the EP is “VCR”. In your face with great rhythm and pure rock energy; plus an awesome guitar riff. I think it is my favourite on “In Truth I Fear For The Heart”. Make sure you check out this work of art from the Manchester band yourself.


Thank you for reading this post! Some absolutely awesome releases in April which has definitely made lockdown a little easier.

I hope you are all keeping well and healthy 😃

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