Let’s Talk Music – May 2020 Edition

Despite a pandemic, artists are not slowing down and are thankfully giving us new music to listen to – aiding us through this troubling time. I’ve got six tunes for you in this round-up and they are all definitely worth checking out. Remember to get in touch with your own releases.

“Pulling Away” (Single) by Candid

Coventry indie-rock outfit Candid have released new single, “Pulling Away” and it is another absolute banger. 

The quartet have created their own sound over the years so I know when I am hearing one of their tunes – from the mighty vocals to the surging riffs, this is Candid. “Pulling Away” is no different, besides from perhaps a bigger production value. When I listen I can hear the hard work and time that has gone into creating this mighty anthem.

It only took the one listen for me to get into this track. They’ve used some more electronic synth sounds in this song more than their other material and I dig the edge it gains from it. I love the contrast from the perfectly crafted verses to the chorus which packs more of a punch with crashing drums.

A sound made for the live experience, the band were due to play a massive sold out show at Coventry’s Empire in March but sadly the pandemic hindered those plans. However, they have shown no sign of slowing down during this time not only having released this single but also having played multiple online streams including for BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend!

I mean this when I say that they have what it takes to make it. I have thought this since the first time I saw them live towards the end of 2018. Check out the awesome tune now.


“Halfway Down” (Single) by Future Fires

Birmingham rock band Future Fires have given us their second release of 2020 in the form of “Halfway Down”.

The single, like their other material, is driven by mega riffs and guided by magnificent indie hooks which makes it perfect to be played on stage to a sweaty crowd. I am sure that was originally their plan when they started the year off but I for one am glad they have decided to push ahead with the release despite the current situation.

You cannot hideaway from “Halfway Down”.  It is in your face with larger than life drum grooves and distorted guitar. The vocals are clean yet pressing and certainly a job well done by frontman, Adam Norman.

I am yet to witness this brilliant foursome on stage but I hope to rectify that in the near future – I have heard great things.


“Attack!” (Single) by Parade

A band that can be described as exploring the “dark disco” genre, trio Parade have released their heaviest track to date – “Attack!”

Since their debut release in the form of “Colours” which blew me away in 2019, the track has been one of my favourite songs ever since. I was eagerly awaiting this new release and have not been disappointed.

Quite different to their other singles, “Attack!” has a bold guitar sound which has been worked in nicely with their familiar synths and grooves. The track gives me dance vibes and certainly has me bopping when listening to it.

This band have a big character onstage which can also be heard in their music, they have recently been named Band of the Month by BBC Introducing: Coventry & Warwickshire. An accolade which is well deserved and hopefully gets more people listening to their material.


“Bonzo” (Single) by Meadow Meadow

The timing for this particular release was an odd one. One day my sister and I were reminiscing about a band who we both used to love, Spring King who split up in 2018, the next day half of the band announced their new project. Spooky.

James Green (ex-Spring King bassist) and Pete Darlington (ex-Spring King guitarist) have continued to work together in their new band Meadow Meadow. At the beginning of the month, they released their first track, “Bonzo”.

A completely different vibe to their previous life, the single takes you on a journey of nostalgia whilst providing a sense of serenity through a troubling time. With four perfectly crafted layers, the interesting use of percussion grooving throughout being the forefront for me, this with a mix of uplifting keys and individual guitar licks – it really takes you to another place. The gentle, harmonising vocals are a bonus.

A perfectly timed release from the duo. There is not a lot that I am personally finding calming during this unsettling time but this single is one of the few things which seems to be helping.


“Ghosts” (Single) by Idle Noise

Indie rock quartet Idle Noise are back with their first release of 2020 and it is called “Ghosts”.

The band from Coventry have been on my radar for a while but I have yet to see them live plus, if I am honest, I haven’t really listened to their material before. However, after listening to this incredible single for the first time I went and listened to the rest of their discography. And wow!

Focussing on “Ghosts”, the band have really knocked it out of the park with this one. A vocal performance to be proud of which guides the listener through this track; from powerful choruses with hefty drum beats to a calmer bridge using an acoustic pattern to bring it down. It really has all the aspects to make it a successful release.

An indie tune to listen to again and again. Plus, it has put Idle Noise on my list of acts to see, and as soon as possible; when we are allowed to gig again.


“Lose Your Mind” by Fresh Lemon Wipes

The last tune I wanted to give a mention to in this roundup is song “Lose Your Mind” by Tony Alda a.k.a. Fresh Lemon Wipes. This is the first ever song Tony has put out on his own as he has been using lockdown to explore making music in his bedroom.

Jumping over the hurdle of self-doubt he put out the track after writing, recording and mixing it in just the one weekend; which I think shows the talent he has. I know him as the drummer from Novacub so to see him do something different has been really interesting.

“Lose My Mind” is a fairly optimistic track musically with a catchy beat and an intelligent use of synths. However, lyrically it is incredibly thought-provoking and touches on the struggles which I believe many are going through right now. The song is about feeling alone and empty during this isolating period, but in the bridge he then questions whether it is just him or if everyone else is feeling like this.

It certainly got me thinking and I for one agree with the lyrics. Definitely worth checking out.


Six tracks definitely worth checking out. I hope everyone is doing okay and please get in touch if you so wish 🙂


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