Let’s Talk Music – July 2020 Edition

Where. Is. The. Year. Going?

Absolutely mental that it is already the end of July but that means it is time to review some releases. Here are a handful of releases for this month; please check out all the artists and give them your support.

“We Love To Hate” (Single) by HIMALAYAS

Garage rock outfit HIMALAYAS have released another absolutely belting anthem in the form of “We Love To Hate”. The quartet from Cardiff are known for their raucous live shows and big sound – this single fits that image.

Straight away the song has the listener hooked with quick beats and howling riffs. The energy it carries is immense and I can imagine one or two gig-goers not surviving the intense mosh experience when it is played. One of their biggest pulls in general for me is their dual layered vocals which create a more powerful sound. This style of vocals certainly fits with the lyrics which address the issue of directing hatred to those who don’t deserve it.

Their biggest hit “Thank God I’m Not You” – which has accumulated over twenty million listens on Spotify – is a real favourite of mine and has been since I saw them live in 2018. I have a feeling this track could be going the same way.


“Good Goodbye” (Single) by Tin Pigeons

East Midlands indie-pop duo Tin Pigeons bring us their second release of 2020 and it is called “Good Goodbye”. Can always trust these two to bring good vibes with their upbeat material.

A simple recipe of spacey synths, funky bass and a quick drum track has created a wonderful tune being helped along nicely by perfect vocals. A song about saying goodbye to something but that being a good thing – I’m sure many can relate.

“Good Goodbye” certainly has a sound for summer and it will be sure to help lift your spirits during this testing time. The duo not only have songwriting talent but always a brilliant buzz when they’re on stage which gets the crowd dancing. I always look forward to one of their releases.


“Change Your Mind” (Single) by NOVACUB

Last year we were treated to five singles and an EP from indie quartet NOVACUB so a 2020 release is extremely welcome. They certainly were one of my favourite bands of last year, not only were they my fifth most listened to artist on Spotify but I also witnessed their brilliance on stage a few times through the year – the release of “Change Your Mind” really excites me.

Immediately I sensed a different feel to the track compared to their previous releases but you can still tell it is one of theirs. The opening is quite mellow with a repetitive guitar line, simple drums and soft vocals before – in true NOVACUB fashion – it picks up to a more frenzied tempo for the chorus.

It really is a emotive vocal masterclass from front woman Louise Bartle. Not only do the vocals sound so good but they hold so much passion and meaning. Everything is sung from the heart.

I am excited for the future of NOVACUB.


“I Can Be” (Single) by Bryony Williams

Recently signed to Beth Shalom Records, singer-songwriter Bryony Williams is back with her first single off her upcoming third EP, “I Can Be”. It is a track which truly displays her vast songwriting and vocal talents.

An inspiring and upbeat song, “I Can Be” is about aiming big and the importance of enjoying life which is not only simply lovely but also thought-provoking. It isn’t an overcomplicated track with guitar, drums and the vocals being the leading layers but every element has been written and performed to perfection.

It is definitely one of my favourite songs right now.

Her third EP, “State I’m In” is out towards the end of September and is available to pre-order on vinyl. She is an artist definitely worth supporting.


“Pop (urrí)” (Single) by Calva Louise

I am a big fan of Calva Louise. Whenever they release new material it is always a good day. Their latest release is “Pop (urrí)” and it is another fantastically crafted tune.

It is difficult to put the trio into one category, their sound is so rich and varied, perhaps because of their different backgrounds, but that’s one of the things that makes them brilliant. This single is about accepting those different backgrounds and identities, one thing that makes this evident is how the lyrics are in both Spanish in English.

This single sounds perfect for the live experience and I hope there is the opportunity for live music to return sooner rather than later so there is that chance to hear it in person.

Their EP is out tomorrow which features this fantastic track. Make sure you check it out including their next single “I Wish” which is being played on BBC Radio 1 at midnight tonight.


That’s it for July. Please make sure you check out the five artists included in this post.

There has also been a brilliant release of “Front Room Sessions” from Coventry artists but I will be writing more about that in a future post.

Stay safe x

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