Let’s Talk Music – June 2020 Edition

It is July already! Actually crazy. I was convinced that I was going to have this post up on time for once but then I got offered work out of the blue so that has not been the case. Anyway…

Four singles and an EP make up this month’s roundup. Make sure you check out all the artists in the post, they’re all super talented and probably need your support during this time more than ever. I can honestly say that there is something for everyone in this post.

“The Kids Are Alright” (Single) by Sam Johnson

One of my absolute favourite voices on the scene, Sam Johnson has produced another stunningly beautiful single in the form of “The Kids Are Alright”. Having heard this song twice live, just him and his guitar, I was excited for the release which hasn’t disappointed.

A song about his youth and the people he grew up with, you can almost feel the emotions he is experiencing as he sings the brilliant lyrics with such candour. During an uncertain and rather stressful period, this release has been perfectly timed to make us feel reassured. His voice and musical style I find very calming, that and his wonderful personality which finds itself embedded in his material make him one of the most exciting prospects on the scene right now.

This single is one of five tunes which will be featured on his upcoming EP, “Are We There Yet?”. If the rest of the EP are anything like the mastery shown in this single then I am sure it will be a real success. Looking forward to hearing it.


“With Me” (Single) by Graywave

A track that will help you to escape from the troubling times is this one by Jess Webberley a.k.a. Graywave. “With Me” should be added to a playlist with all your dream pop classics as it deserves the same respect. Her songwriting talents get better with each release making this one her most musically intelligent song to date.

Self-described as “an ambient musical rejection of brutalist monotony” she makes a valid point. In a time of where music is becoming less dangerous and more uniform when it comes to chart success, take a dive into something different and this is certainly a great place to start.

Captivating on stage when it is just her and her electric but this is a different experience. On the first listen, I lay in the grass with headphones in and I felt for those four or so minutes that I had disappeared – leaving the terrifying current circumstances behind. Graywave is a great talent.


“Organelle” (Single) by EXHALER

Their first release since their debut EP last year, alt-rock trio EXHALER are back with new single, “Organelle”. A mismatch of rock, indie, psych and noise; the band have created their own sound showing that they’ve got the guts to put their own stamp on the music scene.

Perhaps having more of a melody than some of their previous material, “Organelle” carries an almost dream-like verse with faint vocals before switching to a killer choral hook made for the live experience. That switch up between styles alone makes it my favourite release from the band to date. A seriously great tune.

I love that they’re a little chaotic – which, to be honest, suits the world right now. This year, I saw them live before lockdown and not only do they put on a great show but they also have fun doing so. We could all do with some EXHALER in our lives.


“Yesterday’s Jam” (Single) by Voodoo Bandits

One of favourite discoveries since running this blog has to be quartet Voodoo Bandits. A band that on the first listen had me hooked and their latest single, “Yesterday’s Jam” is certainly no different.

Incredibly upbeat, a song that instantly makes you happy – something that this band excel at, perhaps helped by their surf-pop vibes. Every one of their releases could be described as summery, so it is great to have a release during the summer this time! Although as I am writing this it is raining heavily outside…thankfully this single continues to lift my spirits.

With solid guitar riffs and catchy hooks it could definitely be described as an anthem. This band are quickly becoming rising stars in the indie scene and I am very excited about their future prospects. They have the mad energy needed to become bigger and bigger.


“Ex-Blurst-List” (EP) by The Sunset Beach Hut

Indie-pop quartet The Sunset Beach Hut have been on the scene, particularly the Birmingham scene, since 2018. Finally they’ve released their debut EP, “Ex-Blurst-List”.

Opening track, “The:saint” begins with the sound of wind chimes before a solid drum beat and funky bass line kicks in. The choral hook of ‘I can’t believe what I’ve become’ not only resonates so beautifully but displays a stunning vocal effort from front woman, Aphra Smith.

How the next track sounds is very much in the title. “Funk” is a groovy track, one to have a dance to for sure, as the music completely takes control. Love the fuzzy guitar solo in particular.

I reviewed “Twenty//25\\five” back in March shortly after seeing them live; in fact, it was my last gig before lockdown. What I particularly love about this track is the uplifting guitar being accompanied perfectly by a cool bass line and positive beats. Being carried by the smooth vocals to safety during this tough time.

The offbeat drums give closing track “Allthetime” an edge making it all seem very untroubled. I can sense throughout the EP how much the band enjoyed creating it. The Sunset Beach Hut are unique but brilliant – definitely worth a listen for sure.


So that’s it for June! It is really crazy how we are over half way through the year already…where has it gone?

I’ve got a few posts planned for the next few weeks so keep an eye out and stay safe x

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