CANDID Continue To Show Why They’re Kings of Cov With New Single; “Numbers Game”.

Coventry indie rockers Candid are back with another fantastic single called “Numbers Game”. The quartet who are ruling the local scene and heading out further afield are made up of brothers Rob (lead vocals & guitar) and Dan (lead guitar) Latimer, bassist Sam Baines and drummer Alex Bonsor.

(From left to right) Alex Bonsor, Dan Latimer, Sam Baines and Rob Latimer

I feel very fortunate to have discovered Candid when I did because I have been able to see them grow as a band and release some great songs in the process. “Numbers Game” is no different although it is track which has been involved in their set for a while, one I personally enjoy, but it seems like a great time to put it out to the world.

There has been a lot of talk in recent months, in particular because of the current situation, about the streaming argument. Artists are relying on streams now more than ever because of lack of gigs but this single also looks at the side of how number of streams are becoming a grade of worth almost. It is kind of toxic really. Every single artist out there started small and would have had minimal monthly streams so to judge an artist based on that is wrong.

The amount of time I have reviewed material from smaller artists which have had not had many listens but have blown me away with talent… well I have lost count.

For the opening of “Numbers Game” there is a steady electric beat which quickly leads to a sudden rousing of guitar and smashing drums. Immediately on the first listen I recognised the single from their live sets which took me back to the effect it promptly had on the crowd. Jumping, moshing and people head banging to the beat; it is definitely a crowd favourite.

The cool drum beat leads into a more mellow verse with lyrics full of passion but frustration. This can be heard in lyrics:

What are you even gaining?

How do you sleep at night?

The endless deprecating…

Don’t take me for a fool.

I think that it is the most “real” and from the heart Candid track to date. With lyrics not taking anyone prisoner and showing the toxicity of the industry in this day and age performed brilliantly; full of emotion. The guitar line sits with the vocals well as it also has the sound of longing.

The percussive notes in the bridge are very likeable and catchy, building with growing vocals which then cry out the name of the song before being overpowered by the instrumental lines. How the single has been mixed really is perfect. You can hear the best elements of each track and each element does not feel like they are competing with one and other but instead ardently working together.

They have created an anthemic sound which is made for live performances in spaces big or small. Their music has been filling up bigger and bigger venues which has been great to see and they have what it takes to play the biggest of festivals and arenas.

During this tough time Candid treated us to an incredible livestream from Fargo Village. The set-up was insane with great lightning, sound and different camera views; it was definitely the best music livestream I have ever watched. For some great entertainment I recommend watching it back which you can do so here.

Their stream was perhaps a taste of what is to come during their sell out show at Empire in Coventry which has been rescheduled for the second time to March next year. I do hope it can go ahead then.

This is a band who have had their fair share of bad luck with their sell out show having to be rescheduled more than once, their slot at YNOT Festival in 2019 being washed out and their slot at Coombe Weekender being cancelled due to poor planning from the organisers. However, they seem to take this all in their stride. They do not get bogged down. They just think: what is next?

Well, what is next? Candid are next because I truly believe they have what it takes to make it in this tough climate.

“Numbers Game” is out this coming Friday, 18th September. You can pre save it here.

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