Let’s Talk Music – September 2020 Edition

Hello, I am back again with late posts.

University has started again and September completely flew by, so quickly that I did not realise the month would already be over. This post has taken days to write due to feeling quite demotivated about the current state of the industry but it is finally here.

I have a lot of tunes to talk about, including some early October releases which are amazing. Make sure you check out each of the artists in this post.

“Numbers Game” (Single) by Candid

During the month, I reviewed this monster of a single by Coventry indie rockers Candid. Make sure you check it out and have a read of my post here.


“Dive” (Single) by Bryony Williams

Singer-songwriter Bryony Williams has released another single from her upcoming EP “State I’m In”. “Dive” is an absolutely stunning single which is very different to the other releases from the project. It shows a fragile side to her.

Unlike “I Can Be” and “ Knockin’” which are filled with howling guitar and meaty beats, “Dive” is carried by gentle piano and beautifully light violins. Her vocals are perfectly executed, no change there, but instead of being strong they are mild, peaceful but still full of passion.

I challenge anyone not to be moved by the emotive lyrics; they certainly were pulling on my heartstrings. The song is about saying goodbye. To someone or perhaps an old version of yourself.

Dive in the deep end and learn to swim,

It’s hard to know when to give in.

Bryony’s EP, “State I’m In” will be out October 30th. Pre-order the coloured vinyl off her Bandcamp store here.


“The Radio” (Single) by Redwood

Worcester singer-songwriter Ellie Redwood has released a new upbeat pop track in the form of “The Radio”. A song about wanting to drown out negative thoughts by turning up the music on the radio is something I think many will relate to – I do for sure. In a time where everything is so uncertain, music is a constant.

Vocals to get lost in accompanied by catchy drum beats and a blues-y bass line to get you dancing; it quickly becomes a very likeable track. The single definitely draws from numerous genres from indie pop to country to soul/blues making it a very eclectic mix showcasing her talents.

During lockdown, she has been putting her talent to good use by performing streams raising money for Save Our Venues, The NHS and War Child UK. She is a talented young woman who I expect will continue to shine.


“Changes” (EP) by Ryan Sparrow

Singer-songwriter Ryan Sparrow is here with his debut release; an EP which shows an artist with talent and promise. “Changes” is a five track EP co-mixed, written and engineered with Marc Bradley creating an indie masterclass.

Starting off big with “I Hope To See You There”, this opening track grabbed my attention immediately with rock beats and strong electric guitar. On the flip side though, the vocals and BVs are delicate which makes it to be a very interesting song. The choral lines are catchy and perfect for live performances which I hope we will be back to soon.

Second track, “London” is very different to the first. Leaning more towards an indie-folk sound with a stunning use of the acoustic guitar. “For You” heads back towards a similar rock feel of the opener but it is still as gentle as the second.

It is when listening to “Tonight” that it really dawns on me how brilliant his vocals are. He has a seriously good voice. The vulnerability of the track really helps display them making it potentially my favourite track off the EP. Closing with “Seams” which hits deep into your core, there is not a single moment whilst listening to “Changes” that I’ve not felt captivated.

Each of the tracks are very different but not in a way that they don’t suit one and other. The EP flows well and simply shows not only Ryan’s influences (Ryan Adams, Fleetwood Mac and John Mayer) but also displays his diverse songwriting talent. It is an EP definitely worth checking out.


“in earnest” (EP) by in earnest |OUT 7/10/20|

Indie trio in earnest released their debut EP a few days ago in the form of a six-track self titled masterpiece. Exploring themes such as mental health issues, hope vs hopelessness and nostalgia; it is a project which delves deep into the band’s thoughts and emotions which I think is very brave.

A beautiful start to the EP with opener “29”. A delicate guitar line accompanied by perfectly executed vocals before even more stunning harmonies; it is a song filled to the brim with nostalgia carrying happy childhood memories but also causes you to relive a few not so nice ones. You feel like you are dreaming when listening to this song.

Leading into “put me under”, which was their debut single released earlier this year. Following the same sound as “29” although it is piloted by soft female vocals rather than the dream-like male vocals we heard in the opener. It is a song touching on mental health issues with some lyrics I find quite relatable.

Now and then I have a stocktake of my mind

Clear my schedule, burn some cash, take in some facts online

“come upstairs” follows that vulnerable theme but shows as sense of togetherness like the vocalists will look after one and other when times are tough. They have each other for when the times are bad. I personally love the crescendo of strings during the bridge, building and building until halting leaving the emotional words of:

I am love from the highest places

I am love, I know all your faces

The more I listen, the more I understand their own Facebook description of: sad indie noise from Southend-On-Sea. “fables” is a master class in story telling with the harmonising vocals of Sarah Holburn and Thomas Eatherton sending shivers down my spine. The performance in “in between” I think is the best of the project making it my favourite on the EP. A song praising individuality which I believe is increasingly important in this day and age.

Lo-fi track “the house” closes the collection brilliantly. A strangely eerie song and wonderfully simple it is the perfect way to end the EP by showing the trio’s raw talent.

I challenge anyone to listen to this project and not to be completely enticed by in earnest.


“A Fear of Living” (Single) by Parade |OUT 16/10/20|

Coventry trio Parade are back with another absolute tune. These guys have been blowing me away ever since I first listened to their debut release “Colours” last year backed up by their awesome live performances – these aren’t a band to sleep on.

Their next single, “A Fear Of Living” very quickly had me grabbed by ears and foot tapping to the strong beat. It is one that will have crowds dancing for many years to come. Further exploring the “dark disco” genre, these guys have certainly aced the use of synths which too many artists don’t use right or overuse.

Accompanied by groovy bass and cool beats which exhibits the band’s confidence – I honestly cannot get enough of it. I am very impressed by the vocal performance throughout, brilliantly executed and captivating especially during the toned down bridge where the frontman repeats “a fear of living” before creeping guitar leads into the final chorus with the lyrics:

Stop, stop, discovering

Don’t lose your sense of wondering

I love this single. You can hear it for yourself on the 16th – make sure you follow the band on their socials so you do not miss out.


Thank you for reading this post. Sorry again that it was so late but motivation has been tough when the government are watching the industry we love crash and burn.

There will not be many of round-up posts of this nature left on the site because from 2021 I will be uploading individual artist reviews as I get sent stuff. I have been thinking about it and have decided it not only would be easier for me, it will probably be better for the artists too.

Hope everyone is staying safe during this tough time.

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