Let’s Talk Music – October 2020 Edition

Here are some October music releases (and an upcoming November single) that I think are pretty cool. Please check out all the artists in the post.

“Fear of Living” (Single) by Parade

During the last set of music reviews I took a look at the new single by Coventry trio, Parade. This awesome track is now out so make sure you check it out and read my review here.


“Wait” (Single) by Capulets

The always active and busy, electro-pop trio Capulets are back with another new single in the form of “Wait”. It is the band’s third single this year and with two EPs having been released last year – this group mean business.

Opening with perfectly executed vocals paired with dreamlike synths, it is an immediately captivating track, and that is before the catchy drum line kicks in. The band is made up of three seriously talented music lovers: Sarah Thompson (singer), Florrie Arnold (drummer) and Toby Scott (keyboardist). These guys bring us something to enjoy and dance along too.

Delicate pop beats and soft illusory keyboard work accompanied by the airy repetition of “wait” during the chorus really shows what a great feel they have for their songwriting. Everything fits perfectly.

“Wait” is out now on Xenomania Records.


“Trial” (Single) by Calva Louise

One of my favourite bands on this planet, Calva Louise, are back with another fresh single – “Trial”. The trio who are continually switching things up in their style and songwriting have definitely not been sleeping this year with this being their fourth single of 2020.

They are difficult to categorise, each band member has a very different background helped by their different nationalities creating such an interesting fusion of sounds. Rock is the forefront but with both British and Latin influences as well as a punky electronic outlook. Each release is different from the previous which shows how talented and versatile they are.

“Trial” is their first release under American record label FRKST who definitely encourage freedom of expression in their art. Perhaps surprisingly, the song is inspired by novel “The Trial” by cult author Franz Kafka – the single created on the back of that inspiration is a rampant anthem.

A haywire unknown is carried throughout but it is difficult not to jam to this single which will absolutely fly in a live show. Hopefully it won’t be too long before they get to play it in front of a packed room of people.

I know I said that they are one of my favourite bands on this planet but they’re pretty out of this world.


“State I’m In” (EP) by Bryony Williams

Wolverhampton singer-songwriter Bryony Williams has once again smashed it out of the park with her new EP “State I’m In”. I have been enjoying the singles from this project as they were released but when the record was delivered to me on Monday I was not only very pleased but absolutely bowled-over. This is some of Bryony’s best work to date.

The first track on this project is “Knockin'” which is a very strong and snappy way to kick things off. Since its release as a single a couple of months ago I’ve been listening to it on repeat. I love the blues tones merging with the indie rock sound in this track in particular. A song which shows a strength of character as Bryony champions above the struggles of depression.

Next up is “Cherry Red”, a much more positive track which is full of nostalgia and serious pop-rock vibes. It continues to show a clear trend which is throughout the EP – she has an awesome voice. Strong. Great tones.

“I Can Be” was the artist’s first single of the year. An inspiring and upbeat song about aiming big and the importance of enjoying life. It isn’t an overcomplicated track with guitar, drums and the vocals being the leading layers but every element has been written and performed to perfection.

Next on the EP is “Dive”. Potentially the most stunning song she has ever written. So fragile. Carried by gentle piano and beautifully light violins, it is a track about saying goodbye with emotional lyrics which definitely pulled on my heartstrings.

“I Wonder” closes the EP brilliantly. It carries the same sort of grace as “Dive” does but has more substance. Lavish in texture and continues to display some of the difficulties Bryony has experienced over the years.

“State I’m In” is honest and comes deep from within Byrony’s soul. When she packed up to go travelling at the beginning of the year I thought it would be a quiet one for releases, but thanks to a certain pandemic she returned home and spent July in the studio with Matthew Pinfield before signing to Beth Shalom Records.

The EP is actually out on streaming services at midnight tonight with the release being tomorrow. You can also purchase it on vinyl with her 2018 EP “Conscious” as a b-side, grab one of the few remaining from her Bandcamp store or from Rough Trade.


“LOOK” (Single) by Free Galaxy |OUT 06/11/20|

Alt-rock quartet Free Galaxy are finally back with a new single “LOOK” which is out at the beginning of November. The band who take inspiration from rockers like Foo Fighters and The Smashing Pumpkins have been fairly quiet as of late but less than a fortnight ago they made their return to the stage for a socially distanced gig in Coventry and are preparing to ramp up the releases and gigging heading into 2021.

“LOOK” is a definite favourite from their live shows and I am pleased they have decided this is the one to release next. All the different layers fit perfectly in this one with the crashing and somewhat chaotic drums acting in parallel with massive riffs and a creeping bass line (particularly in the bridge). The build up to the final chorus is perfect for the live experience to give the mosh pit a brief breather before they can go absolutely nuts again.

The vocals do not deserve to be left unnoticed. Free Galaxy are in the position that they have two talented vocalists creating the opportunity to have some awesome harmonising vocals which definitely stick with you. The track is mixed very well all round and is the perfect release – I can also tell you that the music video is really great. The production value is up there.

The boys are back. You will not be disappointed by the release of “LOOK” which is out on the 6th November. Pre-save it here and in the meantime, check out their other releases.


In a time of such uncertainty and an all round feeling of crapness, music is needed to uplift us more than ever. So please support the artists who are putting their material out there.

Stay safe.

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