Single Review: “You The Creator” by River Of The Dog

River Of The Dog is a project set up by Callum Mckissock with the aim of creating new original music influenced by a wide range of artists within the rock genre. “You The Creator” is the second single from the group.

The single’s enticing intro of harmonious hums and audacious percussion, intermixed with a variety of guitar sounds, is a great way to kick things off. It has me immediately interested in what is to come.

A repeated riff and steady drums have me tapping my foot whilst I enjoy the complex overlay of different guitar sequences played on both electric and acoustic forms of the instrument – and this is all before the vocals even come in.

The lyrics are very poetic and thought-provoking, they’ve been performed brilliantly both in their manner and quality. The effects used to distort the vocals are used very well also. All-in-all a very catchy tune and definitely worth listening to.

Talking about the single Mckissock says, “The song itself is a commentary on what artists are really making when they produce art and how that world is viewed and criticised by the artists themselves rather than seeing the beauty within it, mistakes and all.”

He performs most of the aspects of the track himself, including vocals, drums + percussion and guitars (electric and acoustic). The other credited artists are Alycia Malta on bass and his brother, Stuart Mckissock, on lead guitar.

Check out “You The Creator” on all the usual platforms.



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