Event: IVW 0121 Livestream Festival

Birmingham Promoters and Indie Midlands bring us the 0121 Livestream Festival as part of Independent Venue Week. The event will be free to watch but there is also a fundraising page raising money for mental health charity Mind and Birmingham venue The Sunflower Lounge.

Thirty-three acts will be going live on The Sunflower Lounge’s Facebook page across the 29th, 30th and 31st of this month. You can check out the full schedule and list of artists included below. It is free to watch but donations are encouraged, you can donate here.

One of the things I have missed most throughout the pandemic is live music and the gig experience. My last gig pre-covid was a BSWA Fundraiser at my favourite venue (The Sunny), organised by Indie Midlands. I managed to get to one socially distanced gig back in October, but now at this point I feel starved from live music which is why this announced online festival is very exciting to me.


Fridays 29th JanuarySaturday 30th JanuarySunday 31st January
18:00 – Giant and the Georges13:00 – Genevieve Miles13:00 – Olly Powell
18:40 – Alex Ohm13:40 – Quentin Francis13:40 – Craig Aaron
19:20 – Lucy May Walker14:20 – Stella14:20 – Aidan McGuire
20:00 – James Reidy15:00 – Tarju Le’Sano15:00 – Hannah Brown
20:40 – Ali Gilbert15:40 – Emily Sambrook15:40 – MARC
21:40 – Phil Madely16:20 – Leon C16:20 – Jessie Reid
17:00 – Czafari17:00 – Deaf Balloons
17:40 – Overpass17:40 – YNES
18:20 – Graywave18:20 – Cigarette Social Club
19:00 – Chloe Mogg19:00 – Kioko
19:40 – Myriam Adams19:40 – Jack Cattell
20:30 – Cherry Cherry20:30 – MeMe Detroit
21:20 – The Novus21:20 – Blue Nation
22:00 – The Ague (after-party)

Despite coronavirus and poor support from the government doing all it can to try and kill off the grassroots music scene, local artists and venues have been trying their best to push through which has been fantastic to see. The Birmingham music scene is strong.

I am very much looking forward to discovering new acts over that weekend and for such a worthwhile cause.


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