Single Review: “Better Job” by YNES

English-Canadian YNES brings us her first single of 2021 and it is in the form of Britpop-punk tune, “Better Job.”

For all the images, credit belongs to Jessica-Rose Lena.

The pandemic has been a troubling time for everyone but the lack of support for musicians and others in creative industries has been awful. Adding to insult, last year Rishi Sunak (Chancellor of the Exchequer) made some comments about how people in the industry should find new work.

Following these frankly ignorant remarks, YNES uploaded a 30-second jingle to social media titled “Better Jobs”; gaining 8k views and an interview on the BBC.

After witnessing the absence of support from the UK Government for the music industry throughout the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, the Coventry-based artist decided to spend the third lockdown writing a full version of this jingle and it is brilliant.

YNES speaks the truth and the all-too-relevant lyrics are ones I am sure many other artists can relate to. The track opens with the spoken words of, “Maybe I should get, like, a grown-up job. A real job. Maybe I should get a…” before “Better Job” is belted out as the listener’s ears are filled with a heavy instrument track.

I love the rawness of the song and how apt it is to today’s climate. How she portrays her feelings on this maddening topic, both in her tone and manner, along with the great shredding (courtesy of Ace Ambrose), really shows her obvious frustrations.

It is a song which I could instantly get behind from the moment I heard her perform it during the IVW 0121 Livestream Festival at the end of January. She has great songwriting and vocal talent.

The inspiration behind this single is one of the only things I could thank Rishi Sunak for. A great single!

Check out “Better Job” on all the usual platforms.



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