Single Review: “Closure” by Lyon Tide

Birmingham trio Lyon Tide kicked off 2021 with a brilliant new single, “Closure”. I also love the artwork – which can be seen below – so well done to the artist.

With influences like Snow Patrol and The Smiths, this new band have worked hard during a global pandemic to put out their first material and after hearing it, I’m excited for more.

The Indie Post-Britpop band is made up of Darren Barnard (vocals, guitar), Anthony La Pusata (words, keyboard) and Girish Patel (drums, bass). They met in an art class at college and then decided to make music which is good for us because “Closure” is brilliant.

I love the additive structure to the opening of the single, starting off with a catchy drum pattern, then desolate keys and moving guitar strums join in turn. It is an immediately likeable track. The vocals are raw, full of emotion and performed perfectly; putting the message behind the song across well. It is about getting closure with someone you love after the relationship has ran its course, it is one I think will resonate with a lot of people.

A particular element of the song I love is the soft lead up of “all I want is just closure” before a heavier guitar and drum lines kick in. It felt very powerful. By the end of the track, I was singing along, it is catchy and has been mixed very well.

Since releasing this debut single, they have actually put out their second called “Blind” which is another great track that is well worth checking out. I am definitely going to enjoy listening to both songs repeatedly.

Check out “Closure” on all the usual platforms.



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