Single Review: “Swallow” by Graywave

Graywave (Jess Webberley) keeps the masterpieces coming with “Swallow”. It is the final single release off her upcoming EP, “Planetary Shift”. She is one of the most exciting artists in the local scene right now and I’m always looking forward to hearing more from her.

It really is a gift to know that when you sit down to review a track from an artist that you know it is going to be good, even before listening to it. That is a rare occurrence but something I feel when I prepare to listen to her material.

The two previous singles from this project, “Like Heaven” and “Before” are two songs I listen to regularly and if people ask for music recommendations then they’re usually included on that list. So when I sat down to listen to “Swallow” for the first time I was unsurprised about being blown away, because with her talent it feels the norm, and that is special.

Very quickly I’m drawn in by the intricate bass line and drums, and I’m smiling because I’m psyched. That is all before the spellbinding vocals kick in. She always brings her vocal A game and she genuinely is masterful in that department.

One aspect that makes this song so interesting is the switching between the major and minor keys giving some quite psychedelic vibes. Her imagination knows no bounds and that’s one of the things that sets her apart from the rest out there. She doesn’t limit herself by genre standards, she makes what she wants to make and I rate that about her.

The verses in “Swallow” are emotive and almost trance-like, but then the chorus hits you and it is massive. It is in your face, making you want to rock and be free. I can image the big sound filling up any venue, big and small, and I can honestly say that she deserves to be playing the big venues.

This single, in fact her entire discography and her are simply fire!

Graywave is partaking in an International Women’s Day livestream event for Indie Midlands which is happening over this weekend. She is performing at 9:20pm tomorrow (6th March) over on IM’s Facebook page, so make sure you check out her set and the event (plus donate to the fundraiser if you can).

When I say you need to listen to an artist, you really need to listen to Graywave.

Check out “Swallow” on all the usual platforms.



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