Single Review: “verbal warnings” by Cody Frost

Singer-songwriter Cody Frost is here with her much anticipated debut single, “verbal warnings” and I am hooked!

This is an off-the-cuff review, it wasn’t on my list of things to post about but everyone must hear about this awesome track. Since its release at midnight, I have had it on repeat and it is possibly my favourite single of 2021 so far – and it will be difficult to beat it.

I have been following Cody on social media since she was a contestant on The Voice UK in 2016, whilst patiently waiting for some material to wrap my ears around.

The time it has taken her to put music out since then perhaps is a surprise. My understanding is that she experienced vocal problems and had periods of vocal rest. However, the wait was truly worth it!

Nothing I can say could really do justice what a great song “verbal warnings” is, but I am going to try.

I love the delicate intro of emotive lyrics and elegant keys, it really draws you in before a beat drops and suddenly you are transported to a different dimension. I really dig the electronic drum pattern throughout, it is particularly interesting in the chorus, making it a very catchy single.

The vocal performance is fantastic and the skills she shows in her songwriting ability really excite me for her future. I cannot wait to hear more from Cody Frost and everyone needs to check out this tune.

It is a great experience when you, as a music lover, are so taken by a song. When a new release instantly has such a big hold on you… you know that it is pretty special.

Check out “verbal warnings” on all the usual platforms.



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