Single Review: “Collisions” by parade

Coventry trio parade bring us another incredible tune but this time it is in the form of “Collisions”.

Image Credit: Marcus Maschwitz

I loved this single immediately on the first listen which is always a blessing. It had my attention, made me want to dance and really uplifted my mood. This is the power of music.

An indie synth-pop banger with a clear 80s influence, it is definitely different to their previous material for this reason but it is a change that has worked amazingly. I challenge anyone not to bop to this, it is impossible not to!

One thing I’ve always loved about this band, ever since I first discovered them back in 2019, is their synth work, and I know it is a big part of their sound but they do it so well. It is all too easy to overuse synths but these guys always get the balance right and in “Collisions” this is no different.

Another element that is sustained throughout their discography, is this is another flawless vocal performance from frontman Paul Watters who has the great ability of guiding you through the mood of the track, that carries a peaceful yet emotional feel. Almost like it has come down from the heavens.

For me, parade were one of the few highlights of last year with their great releases like “Attack!” and “A Fear of Living”, the latter of the two being one of my favourite singles of 2020. I also managed to catch them live in October during the brief relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions.

These guys continue to blow me away and I really recommend checking out their recorded material as well as a live set once things open up again.

While I’ve got your attention, you should watch this acoustic version of “A Fear of Living” filmed at The Tin in Coventry. It is a favourite of mine.

Check out “Collisions” on all the usual platforms.



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