Single Review: “The Coming Of Age” by Ace Ambrose

The incredibly talented singer-songwriter Ace Ambrose is back with new single, “The Coming Of Age”.

Incredible single artwork by Nerdy & Niche

Describing herself as a wildcard, Ace pushes the boundaries and brings out-of-the-box thinking to a new level. Everything she creates is different to the last and she thrives in bringing stories to life through her conceptual material.

“The Coming Of Age” showcases her amazing flair for songwriting as well as her impressive vocal skills. The track draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of genres such as glam punk, indie rock, synth pop and many more. It is impossible to stick her in a particular category and that is something I’m sure she prides herself on.

The combination of electronic drums (including an incredible sounding booming kick) and synths work together so well. Accompanied by the melodic hums in the intro, it immediately draws your attention in and you want to listen to more.

The story this particular tune carries is influenced by tales of different coming of age movies from the 80s all the way through to modern day. It is an interesting topic to create a song on but I like it. You can definitely grasp the 80s feel through the synths.

I love the powerful bridge with the instrumental track stripped back so all focus can be on her vocal prowess. The lyrics, “No one told me living would hurt this bad. Thinking about all the best times we never had.”, are particularly emotive and I was hanging onto every word.

Sometimes when I get sent stuff to review and I see that a track is over five minutes long you find yourself internally groaning because when it comes to single releases, less tends to be more. However, I knew immediately when I started to listen to “The Coming Of Age” that it could be ten minutes long and I would still love it.

Recorded at Park Studios, Birmingham after she won the Millsy’s Hop House Songwriting Contest in 2019, Chris Field produced this single and it features many artists from the local scene including Phil Morley (parade) on synth, Hannah Rose Davies on violin and Kieran Nikolich on guitar.

Ace is a Queen and she has rightfully had a brilliant response to this single including being made track of the day yesterday by This Feeling. I am always excited to hear more from her and I hope to catch her live again soon.

Check out “The Coming Of Age” on all the usual platforms.

Cover image credit – @lachie_the_curator



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