Meeting A Band Member: Vijay Mistry – Kaiser Chiefs’ Drummer

So, I’ve been challenged by someone on Twitter to write about 500 words on meeting a band member. This was surprisingly not an easy choice because although I’ve met some band members, on all occasions I’ve been stupidly nervous so haven’t really spoke therefore not making a very interesting blog post.

There is one band member who I have sort of met twice…sort of…and that is Vijay Mistry, the drummer from my favourite band the Kaiser Chiefs.


I met him properly last October the day after the band’s sixth studio album was released at a signing and “acoustic” session at HMV Oxford Street. During the entire two hour journey to London I was very anxious about making a fool of myself in front of the band who I look up to so much and especially Vijay.


If you read my messages to my friend from that journey you would laugh. There were a lot of “what if” messages from me to which my friend teased me for a bit before telling me that I had nothing to worry about. The rest of the journey I listened to Stay Together whilst thinking of what I would say to my favourite drummer.

There was no point preparing however because when it came to it I was an embarrassing mess. I opened with “I think you’re awesome” and it is all a bit of blur from there…like the pictures I took. I remember him saying “you’re the drummer” which made me beam and something about my nail varnish but that’s about it. Stupid isn’t it.

vj and i
Blurry Picture…sort of featuring Simon, Whitey and Peanut

Even though I don’t really remember exactly what was said, I do remember how happy I felt when I was talking to him. It is indescribable.


The last time I sort of met him was at the barrier of a gig in January at Asylum in Birmingham. I was super chuffed when I won tickets and even more so that I got barrier because it was my first time and I think arguably it was the best gig ever. This was heightened when Vijay came to the barrier – despite being wrecked – to give me his drum sticks.

The sticks may have given me a splinter when I took them from him but it didn’t matter. My heart virtually stopped when he started to walk towards me whilst people in the crowd pointed. He thanked me for the drawing I did and I managed to stutter out a thanks before he walked off, joining the rest of the band backstage. Someone did capture the moment just after in a blurry shot but you can see how pleased I was. More than pleased. I had to be dragged home by my sister and we almost missed our train because I was so emotional.

I know that most people don’t understand. Don’t understand why or how I can have so much admiration for a person who I have only just met for probably just over a minute in total and have had the odd reply on social media from. They just don’t understand. The memories of meeting him and everything he has done (however small) are what keep met sane…ish.
hanging sticks

He doesn’t know this but he definitely has a thing about timing. Either tweeting me or just in general at times when I feel at my lowest which picks me up and he makes me want to try. He said that I should be in a band and maybe one day I will be but I won’t know unless I actually get there and the drum sticks on my wall are a constant reminder of that. A reminder to keep going.

Basically, they say don’t meet your idols because your vision of them would get ruined and tainted but I totally disagree. I met my idols (although I hate that word) and they stuck a metaphorical middle finger up to that stereotype and I will never forget it.

I hope that one day I get to see him, and the rest of the band, again.




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