My Panic Attack Playlist

One of my many flaws in life is that I suffer from panic attacks. Mainly at night when I am alone left to my thoughts but it can be a horrifying experience only soothed by one thing. Music.

I actually have a playlist of ten songs which I work my way through to calm myself down during these situations. All these songs are chilled in my opinion and help my heart rate return to a more appropriate rhythm. A lot of these tracks I don’t listen to any other time than when I am having or have had a panic attack, so there may be some surprises in there.

All the titles of the songs are clickable, which will take you to a YouTube video. Enjoy 🙂

1. Thinking of You – Katy Perry

This is an old Katy Perry song, I am talking before Firework, released in 2008 when I was nine years old. It is on one of the NOW albums….I cannot name which one but I used to buy them every time one came out. This song has always relaxed me with its beautiful guitar pattern in the intro. From the first G chord to the last C chord, my breathing steadies and my head empties.

2. I Giorni – Ludovico Einaudi

This is just piano music which I have downloaded from YouTube a while ago. Why does it soothe me? My older sister used to play it all the time, she loved to play and she did it so wonderfully. Listening to it gives me a sense of familiarity which is just what I need after a panic attack. I can imagine that it is her playing it, there is no faults and she used to play it so fluently. I remember once we went to a stately home in Norfolk where there was a piano which could be played and the sound of her playing this filled the entrance. My Grandpa cried.

3. F***ing Perfect – Pink

This song speaks to me. Always has done ever since I first heard it on yet another NOW album. It is emotional yet empowering, it makes me feel strong. The music video is quite triggering in a way, which I am warning you about but it is a brilliantly written tune.

4. Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis

This track by the legendary Mancunians has been in the press a lot recently since the Manchester terror attack and has even made it back in the charts. Both Noel and Liam Gallagher have donated any royalties to the charity funds since then in support. It is a strong track and has powerful lyrics which I cannot help but hum to. I love this song so much.

5. Somebody to Love – Queen

I have been brought up on Queen because my dad is a bit of a fan boy. This class track has a wonderful melody with the beautiful piano and the heavier rock elements later on. It brings back happy memories of my childhood and all those car journeys to the coast when I was younger.

6. Cancer – My Chemical Romance

This is a sad song, there is no doubt about it. But there is something about Gerard Way’s voice which is surprisingly calming and makes me feel stronger. He sings it with such emotion but with a tinge of empowerment. He means it. He sings the song like he means it so it just hooks me every time.

7. Indoor Firework – Kaiser Chiefs

Now this is a recent song, well the most recent on this playlist, from 2016 of the band’s last album Stay Together. There is another track off that album called Still Waiting that was on this playlist but it was replaced by MCR after I kept crying every single time it came on. Don’t judge me! It’s an emotional song…

Anyway, Indoor Firework as Vijay Mistry (drummer) put it, “has a good groove” and he is right. At this stage in the playlist, I am no longer feeling panicked just more trying to recover from the ordeal so it is good to have a good foot tap. Brings a smile to my face…a relieved smile.



8. Human – Christina Perri

I don’t know what to say about the song. Just go and listen to it. I relate to it, the lyrics…everything about it!

9. Roses – Kaiser Chiefs

It is quite rare for a band like the Kaiser Chiefs to release such an emotional song. I own all of their albums and a couple of their B-Side tracks and I couldn’t name many as sad as Roses or any really. It is a beautiful track, Ricky’s voice is perfect and full of heartbreak. I wonder sometimes the meaning behind it but it does uplift me despite being sad because the melody starts to build after the secondary chorus. I can almost visualise a person who has experienced some sort of torment getting better.

10. This is Gospel – Panic at the Disco

Brendan Urie’s voice is like gold there is no other way of putting it. He has one of the best voices in the world but he is also incredibly cheerful. This track is hard hitting but incredibly powerful. But the main reason why it is on this playlist, at the end, is because of his beaming smile which I don’t think I have ever seen him without. It makes me smile.

Which is the main thing.

3 thoughts on “My Panic Attack Playlist

  1. I was going to listen to all these before I commented, but I still haven’t had time to! This sounds like a brilliant way of dealing with panic attacks, especially if you have them when you’re alone or at a time when no one else is able to help. Your interpretation of “Roses” is almost identical to mine, it’s a song that definitely makes me feel better if I’m anxious etc. xXx

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