Fall Out Boy: A Nine Week Opinion Switch-Up

Nine weeks ago on the 27th April 2017, Fall Out Boy known for their long song titles and wacky music videos released their first single Young And Menace from their seventh studio album Mania which is to be released in September.

Out 15th September 2017

Now I love Fall Out Boy and have done for years. They are in fact my second favourite band and I own all of their LPs, their Greatest Hits album, remix album and the weird version of Irresistible they did with Demi Lovato…not the best decision. In fact in recent times the band have faced quite a lot of criticism for many different reasons such as changing their sound and their attempt at switching-up the Ghostbuster’s theme for the latest film (with Missy Elliott). So perhaps the fact that Young And Menace disappointed fans world wide is no surprise.

I was very excited and very much looking forward to hearing their new track after years of nothing but was very underwhelmed by it. Personally, I am very open about bands changing their sound because most do but there is such a thing as going too far.

The verse I liked and then the beat that starting to kick in had a great groove but then when the chorus hit, it didn’t hit like other choruses to Fall Out Boy songs. There was no guitar rift and smash of the cymbals it was dubstep. Computerised rubbish which a lot of modern day artists now use as a norm. I was not expecting a band that I loved to do the same.

I didn’t pre-order the album. I didn’t want the album. I was very disappointed but didn’t let it bog me down.

(Left to right) Patrick Stump (lead vocals, guitarist), Joe Trohman (lead guitarist), Pete Wentz (bassist) and Andy Hurley (drummer)

Last night, when midnight hit, I got a notification from YouTube telling me that they had uploaded their second single; Champion. This was make it or break it for my opinion and whether I would purchase Mania or not. It is great.

The lyrics are strong and meaningful making me want to scream them from the rooftop and in fact if it weren’t the middle of the night and if I lived alone then perhaps I would have done. It is a great tune and almost certainly makes up for the flop that was their first single

Their sound has definitely moved away from rock and towards pop but that has been happening for years. The sound of Champion is very similar to the sound of their last album American Beauty/American Psycho which I am actually one hundred percent okay with because I love that album and if Mania can be half as good as that then I am sound. In fact I pre-ordered the album (along with As You Were by Liam Gallagher) last night and now I cannot wait for September to come.

Will I enjoy Mania as much as their other albums? Probably not. I expect that the album will be a mixed bag based on my opinion of the first two singles but I am going to give it a go. It may surprise me.



Fall Out Boy Vevo

Fall Out Boy – Young And Menace

Fall Out Boy – Champion

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