I Predict A Riot?

Deep breath. *sigh*

I am currently sat writing this in the waiting room at a train station waiting for my train to London Marylebone. It is very early, getting up at 6:20 on a Saturday morning was very taxing. I cannot remember the last time I got up so early. The earliest I would have got up for school is seven.

Okay I am a little early to the station, in fact I’ve got to wait for twenty-five minutes and the train before mine is just leaving but I find cab drivers – usually – unreliable. But mine was five minutes early.

This should all be worth it though as I am spending my time in the big city with pals and seeing the wonderful Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs. It is mad I know and a totally last minute decision but I thought…why not? Plus I think I would regret not going.

Pausing for a second, look at how fancy this waiting room is! Anyway…back to it.


I booked the train tickets two nights ago when I found out Rick was to host BBC Radio 2 in the place of Dermot O’Leary. I knew a bunch of people who were planning to go so I just went for it. Spur of the moment sort of thing I guess. At that stage I had nearly finished my drawing of him so I thought of it as some sort of sign. And now…I am going to see Ricky Wilson!

rick-w-watermark.pngI finished the drawing yesterday afternoon (which his mum liked on Twitter), got some cash together before trying to relax myself about today…it is going to be fine. Right?

Update! I’m on the train now and I feel a bit sick. Not just about seeing Rick but also meeting so many other people including one of my closest internet friends for the first time. I hope they like me. It sounds stupid but I guess the fear of not being liked is perfectly rational.

Okay, so, yesterday was nuts! I am now sat on my sofa writing this whilst watching England versus Sri Lanka in the Women’s World Cup (cricket). I am pretty exhausted from all the excitement, walking and travelling plus I have pulled a muscle in my back. Was it worth it? Yes! 100%!

So much happened yesterday. But I think I should start from the top.

After my train got into Marylebone Station I managed to get myself to Wogan House on foot using Google Maps and it was quite eventful. I definitely do not like crossing the road in London despite it being “pedestrian friendly”. When I did arrive though I was met with loads of familiar faces of fans that I haven’t met before, one of who is a great friend to me, as well as a not-so-nice fan but we stayed clear.

We chatted as more people arrived including the wonderful duo that is Squeals for Thrills who make wonderful Kaiser Chiefs merchandise. I love their badges in particular! I have…fourteen of them knocking about. Before yesterday, it was thirteen but I was given this wonderful badge of my fave. (I also got a badge at the protest march but more about that later).

Eventually, after getting all worked up, Rick walked out of the entrance of Wogan House sporting a big smile and he genuinely looked pleased to see us. After greeting us my nerves dissipated and he then started to sign numerous bits and pieces from fans. Whilst doing this, he noticed the drawing I did in my hands and he passingly said “I saw that on Twitter”. Because of it being so passing I remember muttering, “Is that a good thing?” making my pal chuckle beside me.

When it was “my turn” he asked me how I was before giving me a hug. My first ever hug from Ricky Wilson! I then passed him the drawing feeling a little nervous because I really wanted him to like it, more than anything. He spent what felt like ages studying it whilst commenting that he has seen it in the past few days to which I told him that his mum liked it. That made him chuckle. I don’t remember exactly what he said about it but it was good, really good which made me very happy. I felt even happier when he asked to keep it. I remember thinking that must be a good sign!

He then proceeded to try and fit it in his small running rucksack without creasing it whilst commenting that he is annoyed because he got toothpaste down his normal choice of bag. Just that comment made me realise that he is just a normal person really just with the celebrity label.

When he asked about my exams I was surprised that he remembered even though he did wish me luck a few weeks back. I was very pleased that he asked and when I told him that they didn’t exactly go well he waved my comment off and told me that it would be fine. And I believe him because he said it which sounds a bit dumb but…I don’t know. It is how I feel.

After I think another hug (although it is a bit of a blur), some banter with us all and a selfie – in which he was so close that I actually felt his beard on my face which was a bit weird – he was on his way looking for the car to pick him up and take him to Goodwood. Although that wasn’t very easy for him because he couldn’t actually find the car!

Five of us then went looking for food, we got a bit lost on the way to Breakfast Club and when we did get there we were disappointed to find a queue coming out of the door. So McDonald’s was our backup where we had a good chat.

20170701_121445When we finished though, people had started to flock to Oxford Street for the march and one thing led to another and we ended up being part of it. It was incredible to see so many people standing up for what they believe in and the atmosphere was incredible. There was a real sense of togetherness. A great mix of people all marching with placards, it was something that I never thought I would be part of despite how passionate I am about politics and the welfare of our nation.

I didn’t stay long though, wary that it could all get a bit messy so sadly missed Jeremy Corbyn so myself and my friend left to find a cafe to sit in to chat.

Snapchat-1961884118This was the first time that I had met one of my best friends and we just talked and talked and talked. It was great and I cannot wait to see him again. But sadly, it had to come to end. He got on the tube and I walked half an hour to the station where I just missed the previous train so had to wait for twenty-five minutes for next but I didn’t mind. Sitting at the station gave me a chance to let it all sink in and there was a lot to sink it.

It was an incredible day! One of the best days I have ever had. Nothing was going to put a dampener on that, not even my train breaking down a few feet from the station. Nothing. It was all fine in the end though and now I am very content.

Exams are over, England are doing well in the cricket and yesterday will be a day that I remember for ever. I am one happy girl right now.



One thought on “I Predict A Riot?

  1. Great to read this Mae. I’m so happy for you, that you had such a wonderful day. AND Ricky wanting to keep your amazing drawing of him.. what an accolade x


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