My Top 10 Songs of the Summer

So the summer has come to a dreary end and to be honest it has been a shocker. The main wave of heat we had in the UK was at beginning of June during my exams. In fact, the day after my exams ended it started to piss it down with rain. Typical.

Anyway, my life – like this blog – is very music orientated. I spend most of my day with my headphones in because it is when I’m happiest so I thought why not write a blog post about my top ten songs that have defined my summer. And no, Despacito isn’t on there.

There is a mix of old and new on the list but each artists are different (sort of).

Wall Of Glass – Liam Gallagher

Let’s start with an absolute belter of a new tune from the one and only Liam Gallagher. There was a lot of hype surrounding the release of his first solo single and it did not disappoint. As soon as I heard it I was tapping my food to the beat and I knew that his new album would be incredible! Well I’m assuming it is…still got just over a month to wait. As you were.

Champion – Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy released two singles this summer off their new album Mania which was supposed to be released this month but has been pushed back until January because they are not happy with it…basically these two singles didn’t do very well in the charts. The first one Young and Menace I’m not a fan off but Champion despite its lack of response is amazing. Whenever I listen to it I have to try and not scream the lyrics to the chorus.

Laidback – Rat Boy

One of my new loves is Rat Boy. His debut album SCUM won me over immediately with the range of sounds and great lyrics. I relate to Revolution and in the past few days I’ve been listening to Ill Be Waiting on repeat. However, it is the beautiful sound of Laidback that has made it into this top ten. It may be one of my favourite songs ever.

Rectifier – Spring King

This one is from last year but I only discovered Spring King after seeing them live twice on the Kaiser Chiefs 2017 UK Tour in Birmingham and Leeds. At the time of those shows this song and Detroit were ones that I loved to jump around to. After the tour I bought the deluxe album and it is an all round brilliant album. I love this band and this song especially. I think it’s the drums I like, more prominent and overall I think this song is one of the more rockier off their album. I cannot wait until October when I see the band again!

Misery Company – Kaiser Chiefs

Yes, it’s a Kaiser Chiefs song…problem? They are my favourite band so of course they were going to make it onto this list! I’ve picked Misery Company from their fifth studio album because it is one of my favourite song. It is different, includes an ace guitar solo and it’s a head banger I think. I’ve wanted to hear this song live for so long because despite the amount of KC gigs I’ve been to it has always been missing from the set. But finally I heard it at Bedford Park! It was quite a moment.

Wings – Birdy

I think this song is beautiful and Birdy has one of those voices which is almost haunting but also like artwork for your ears. Her song Keeping Your Head Up is also up there but for this summer this song just beats it. Powerful song with strong lyrics.

Mr Brightside – The Killers

How can this not be on the list? Now my brother is quite the cynic so when he said to me recently that he thinks this song is one of the best songs ever written I was amazed but I think he could be right. You cannot help but sing to it. At Bedford Park it was played through the speakers and everyone sang it. Everyone. There was an overwhelming feeling of togetherness which music brings. Plus, their surprise set a Glastonbury was pretty sick!

Rock n Roll Star – Oasis

Three words. One love Manchester. When I watched this wonderful charity gig on the telly along with millions and Ore Oduba mentioned a surprise as the cameras panned wide of the stage I was crossing my fingers for something Oasis related. Then he walked on. Mr Liam Gallagher and pulled off a fantastic three song set in his orange cagoule with his maracas. This was played at the beginning of the set. He is a rock n roll star.

Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

This may be a surprising one. I am a huge cricket nut and over the summer have had membership to see my team play at Edgbaston in Birmingham i.e. the best ground on the world. The vibes at this ground especially during a T20 match (but was also seen during England’s day/night test match and the Champions Trophy) is just insane especially in the infamous Eric Hollis stand. As soon as the opening bars of this song are played at an end of an over the stadium is filled with thousands of people singing their heart out. At Finals Day in particular. 25,000 drunk cricket fans (many in fancy dress) singing this song can bring nothing but happiness. Made me smile anyway.

Will You Be There? – The Sherlocks

And lastly, another newbie. The Sherlocks released their debut a few weeks ago and it has gone down amazingly. The feedback from their festival sets have been out of this world and they entered the charts at number six! An incredible achievement! Hearing a new, exciting, proper guitar band is exciting for me. I picked this song off the album simply because it’s the first track. Sounds lazy I know but as soon as I heard this I knew that the album was going to be great.

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