Weekly Round-Up 10: New Job and Blog Changes

This week really has flown by! From more fireworks to officially starting my new job it has all been very hectic.

In the week I missed an entire England Test Match (a win though ay) and spent forty minutes on the phone to HP I have been up to the much more grown up task of job training and having my first shift. It was chaotic. I was working in the box office at an arena but the show hadn’t sold well so people’s tickets were changed to seat them closer to the stage. This meant there were A LOT of people coming to pick up tickets, many confused as to why they were being changed in the first place, so it was a bit mad.

I got the hang of it though in the end and actually enjoyed myself plus my colleagues are lovely.

I am glad I have finally started working again because it can pay for my expensive gig life…I spend far too much money on gigs! Plus, the studio space I drum in has put the prices up so I need to be earning before I can even think of drumming again. Which sucks.

Something music related that doesn’t suck is that Calva Louise have announced a tour! This is very exciting as I really love this band and have only seen them in a supporting capacity before but now they going on a headline tour! March can’t come soon enough. They are due to release their debut album Rhinoceros (out 1st February 2019) which you can pre-order here but I also totally recommend seeing them live. They never fail to put on a good show. Tickets.

calva louise

If you’ve read the title of this blog you will see that I am making some changes. I want to do more promotion for small artists and review shows. I have a couple coming up in the next few weeks but I really want to make a good go of it.

This blog matters to me. Music matters to me. If I can help any small artists succeed that would be awesome because the business is tough. I mean I would love to be in a band and succeed but right now – while that dream seems very distant and unlikely – this is the next best thing.

So if you are an artist who wants some exposure or a gig reviewed in Birmingham/Coventry please get in contact. There will be a form at the end of the blog 🙂

But also, if there is anything else people want to read about then please let me know. I am open to ideas.

Personally, I want to congratulate myself for not leaving this post until last minute. Well done me. Kudos. Then again, this week hasn’t been as busy assignments wise so I have had the time.


Picks of the week:

Song – No Friend Of Mine by Club Smith Listen.

Album – Simulation Theory by Muse (OUT TODAY) Listen.

Gig – Candid w/ Free Galaxy, The Ellipsis & Athens (Square One, Coventry 24/11) Tickets.


Get into contact:



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