Let’s Talk Music – March 2019 Edition

March has definitely been a month of me revisiting some of my old favourite artists and tunes. Falling down the rabbit hole of nostalgia and for me personally most of those artists are pretty well known and don’t have the magic that smaller artists have. So I have been dipping in and listening to a handful of new tracks.

There is a real mix here, I hope you enjoy and check out all the artists listed below. Let’s show them some support.

“Power Never Changes” (Single) by Coby Fletcher

At the moment, the UK and in fact the whole world is in unrest. No-one really knows what is going to happen in British politics with all the ongoing turmoil so this is the perfect time for Coby Fletcher to release his debut single, “Power Never Changes”. If the current political issues had a soundtrack it would be this. I love a political track.

The track begins with a slightly chaotic drum groove before the full power of guitar, synths and vocals kick in. I only had to listen to it the once for it to go straight onto my latest playlist. It really is one hell of a tune. Every artist wants to start off strong and Coby has certainly done just that.

Maybe it’s because I am so angry about the current political climate and certain people who are leading us astray that I connect to this song so much. I think a lot of people will feel it, so you should listen here.

coby fletcher


“Lose Our Heads” (Single) by YONAKA

This is the latest single by the Brighton based band and it is another absolute tune. The four-piece alternative band known for their punk-y onstage presence and heavy riffs with dark undertones are yet to disappoint me.

The brilliant vocals from Theresa Jarvis really add depth to an already very layered track. But if you read my blog regularly then you know that I’ve become a sucker for a female vocalist.

It is a taste of their debut album, “Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow” which is due to be released at the end of May. It is incredibly exciting. They are a band who I really need to see live and I sort of cannot believe that I haven’t yet. I bet they put on one hell of a show. You can listen to their latest single here.



“Feel It Sometimes” (Single) by Hunger Moon

Recently named as one of BBC Introducing West Midlands’ ones to watch for 2019 the duo from Birmingham have released a gorgeous track, “Feel It Sometimes”. Vocalist, Natalie Jenkins has a beautiful voice which she delivers so eloquently. It’s lovely to listen to. Partnered with the multi-talented James Attwood they are a musical match made in heaven.

Similar to London Grammar, I find their music to have a wonderful atmosphere to it, making this alternative sound climb deep into your soul. I feel at peace when listening to this song – everything calms down. Stunning.

Make sure you have a listen here.



“So Cool” (Single) by LØNER

If you want to add something fresh as anything onto your playlist then this track is for you. The debut single by the Leeds born artist certainly has its own edge. It is not generally a style which I listen to but there is something about it which is somewhat captivating.

Filled with dreamy synths and some hip-hop beats, “So Cool” is a very chilled out track with such an original spin on this music genre. It’s an advert for electronic hip-hop and it will be interesting to see what he does next. Have a listen for yourself here.



“Your Eyes” (Single) by Marsicans

I love an indie quartet and this Leeds band have shown they have it nailed. Their latest single is full of the riffs and harmonising vocals which the fans love and I for one enjoy. The premise of the song is about the feeling of being left by those around you, how everyone is getting on with their lives. In some ways I relate to this which is why it personally resonates quite strongly with me.

The track has gone through a few different versions prior to release with a different version having been played live previously but this is the version that they are happy with and will be playing in the future. Including, on their upcoming tour next month. I’m looking forward to seeing them live in the summer. Have a listen here.



“ginger tea” (Single) by LJA

This is the first solo venture for the singer of indie band Bad Bearth from New Jersey and it really is a good move. There is definitely a similar vibe in sound to his band so if you’re a fan of their music then you will definitely enjoy his material.

With layered vocals, a steady drum beat and distinctive keyboard it is almost slightly trippy. The lyrics, ‘psyche you out’ repeated add to this. It really is a very individual sound. The single is from his debut EP “homely” which is out now. Have a listen here.

LJA album cover.JPG


“Wildheart Dreaming” (EP) by The XCERTS

I checked out The XCERTS last year in Leeds where they showcased this sound which I loved instantly. Their latest EP is no different and has made me very excited to see them on tour next month.

Both “You Mean Everything” and “Fight Or Run” are both very bold tracks similar to their latest album, “Hold On To Your Heart”. However, the EP rounds off with a different sort of sound giving it a calm finish. “Real Love” is delicate with quieter vocals and acoustic guitar instead of the usual harsh electric.

In my opinion, it is a stunning EP and really displays the talent this trio has. You should definitely have a listen here.

the xcerts


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